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Nov 24, 2009 05:06 AM

What's the #1 Thing That You Eat and Say, "Wow That REALLY Hit The Spot"?

For me, I noticed I seem to say this most when I've ordered and eaten the perfect bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. If the person making it gets it right, it's like WOW. I've noticed that this is the one thing I consistantly say this over.
Not looking for "wow that was a good meal", this is a bit different. What I am looking for is like being in a state of mini Nirvana.

p.s. just right for the breakfast sandwich for me is, kaiser roll toasted, egg over easy, bacon extra crispy, mayo, and pepper. Today's was just SO good.

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    1. A BLT on good bread, toasted, extra crispy bacon, good mayo, crunchy lettuce, nice tomatoes (as my Nana would say) with salt and pepper. Hits every spot I've got.

      1. a really good bowl of pho- has to be piping hot with all the different meat cuts and the usual greens with lime. this reeeaally hits the spot!

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            Pho Ga for me! It is always welcome and always hits the spot.

          2. A roast beef sandwich on sourdough bread with cheddar and onion; when they get the proportions of meat/cheese/onion just right, it's perfect

            1. An earthy well cooked rack of lamb, with a subtle vegetable pairing like grilled asparagus with mash or parsnips. Reminds me of my parents essence of cooking.