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What's the #1 Thing That You Eat and Say, "Wow That REALLY Hit The Spot"?

For me, I noticed I seem to say this most when I've ordered and eaten the perfect bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. If the person making it gets it right, it's like WOW. I've noticed that this is the one thing I consistantly say this over.
Not looking for "wow that was a good meal", this is a bit different. What I am looking for is like being in a state of mini Nirvana.

p.s. just right for the breakfast sandwich for me is, kaiser roll toasted, egg over easy, bacon extra crispy, mayo, and pepper. Today's was just SO good.

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    1. A BLT on good bread, toasted, extra crispy bacon, good mayo, crunchy lettuce, nice tomatoes (as my Nana would say) with salt and pepper. Hits every spot I've got.

      1. a really good bowl of pho- has to be piping hot with all the different meat cuts and the usual greens with lime. this reeeaally hits the spot!

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            Pho Ga for me! It is always welcome and always hits the spot.

          2. A roast beef sandwich on sourdough bread with cheddar and onion; when they get the proportions of meat/cheese/onion just right, it's perfect

            1. An earthy well cooked rack of lamb, with a subtle vegetable pairing like grilled asparagus with mash or parsnips. Reminds me of my parents essence of cooking.

              1. Fresh baked bread right out of the oven, steam still coming off the crevices spread with sweet butter.

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                  OH MY GRAVY - Yes, fresh bread...which I have not made lately, I must work on some this weekend!

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                    After today's freshly prepared plantains, I have to say PLANTAINS def. hit the spot!

                  2. A nice big bowl of menudo and some grilled bollio rolls. Pho is good too.

                    1. A big bowl of Pho w/ 2 Spring Rolls, my cheeks are red and my nose is running, but Boy! am I happy. Full but not stuffed!

                      1. A Lindt dark chocolate bar.

                        1. Whoa. Where to begin. I tend to be in particular food moods, so a well executed dish I was in the mood for ALWAYS hits the spot.

                          Few things that come to mind, tho: ma po tofu; a perfectly grilled rib-eye; chicken soup with egg noodles; a great burger.

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                            That's kinda my answer too. Sometimes you just have the taste for something and nothing else will do. If the item is really good, it really works for you.

                            Once in a while though, you'll get whatever it is you're having for whatever meal it is and when you're done it's like "OMG, that was just perfect." Those surprises are the best.


                          2. Really, really good fish and chips. Like the skate and chips at the Golden Hind in London. Or the cod and chips at long-gone Yorkshire Fish and Chips in Berkeley, CA, approximately a million years ago when I used to work there.

                            1. a really good tuna salad sandwich... I do mine with lots of fresh ground pepper, a dash of paprika, Hellmans and finely diced celery Put that on wheat toast and I am in Heaven...No idea where that came from.

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                                A really good Juicy Bacon Cheeseburger, cooked Medium on a BBQ Grill with a nice char. Freshly Ground Sirloin or Ground Round. No meat from ECOLI factory or Frozen Patties. With just regular salt and fresh ground black pepper on it before throwing on the grill. And lightly handled while making the patties. And with Cracker Barrel White Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese (or Boars Head Sharp Cheddar, or Cabot Extra Sharp) on top. And a really nice SOFT, squishy kaiser-type hamburger roll fresh from the bakery.

                              2. Wow. It would have to be perfectly broiled Chinese spareribs on the bone, not too lean, with a pork egg roll or shrimp toast. With a beer. My tastes are rather pedestrian. That is my guilty meal, usually eaten alone with a book at lunchtime at a quiet Chinese restaurant. Last time I had it was on my birthday in May - great gift to myself.

                                1. Funny you should ask as my husband just said that five minutes ago: eggnog ice cream with rum poured over it was the motive.

                                  1. In the summer when the tomatoes are prime it is a BLT or a tomato sandwich on Pepperidge Farm white bread.

                                    On the first truly chilly day it is chili.

                                    And anytime of year it is tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich.

                                    Oh yes and anything my mother makes.

                                    1. For me it is a variation of the egg-on-a-roll that michele cindy posted; I'm always craving a chorizo con huevo torta. Mexican chorizo cooked with the scrambled egg, on a griddled bollilo roll with mayo, jalapenos, avocado, bean paste, etc. Just a crazy good combination of ingredients.

                                      I'm also big on chorizo tacos- hell, let's just amend the answer to chorizo in general.

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                                        Usually a dessert at a restaurant once in a while that has a contrast of temperatures. for example, hot brownie with cold vanilla ice cream on top

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                                          ohhh i love the sandwich at finagle-a-bagel in boston that has two fried eggs (over med), black bean paste with cilantro and jalapeno, avocado, cheddar cheese, tomatoes on a grilled wheat bagel. After a beer fest, that is the best breakfast in the world to me, and every time i have it i just have to say "wow, that realllly hit the spot!"

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                                            Yeah- that's definitely inspired by a lover of tortas, sounds great in any situation. One of these days I'm going to do a hamburger with all of that stuff on it, maybe even some chorizo!

                                        2. An ice cold lager beer, never a lite beer, after hard physical labor on a hot summer's day. Man, that really hits the spot. A nice cold T'NT too.

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                                          1. re: Passadumkeg

                                            The first beer is definitely satisfying after a hard day of hitting and chasing a golf ball.....but since this is about eating.....any of the three would vie for the top spot.

                                            Taylor Ham, egg and cheese on a buttered hard roll

                                            Hamburger/Cheeseburger fresh off the backyard grill

                                            BLT with New Jersey Beefsteak Tomatoes

                                            1. re: fourunder

                                              Fourunder, many may differ w/ you about beer being a food.
                                              You mean Kaiser roll? Yes. Tomatoes from my cousin's farm in E. Brunswick? Yes. Instead of the burgers gimme a hot Italian sausage sandwich w/ peppers and onions or Kobasi and kapusta (with a cold beer)!!!!

                                              1. re: Passadumkeg

                                                Fourunder, many may differ w/ you about beer being a food.



                                                1. re: fourunder

                                                  Is that because NJ has no microbrewery culture?
                                                  But Hey, Gimme a slice.......of pie............tomato pie! My favorite NJ phrase and maybe something that really hits the spot, as an appetizer for a nice cold brewsky.

                                          2. Stir-fried Roasted Eggplant (Deborah Madison) or Curried Butternut Squash and Apple Soup.

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                                            1. re: greygarious

                                              Do you have the recipes for those of those?

                                            2. My wife makes this stuff called pink beans and chilies. It's nothing exotic but every time she makes it, it just plain tastes so good, I can't imagine anything else I could could ever want.

                                                1. re: brooklynkoshereater

                                                  I'm in complete agreement here. That dish is both homey and comforting, while at the same time being elegant and fancy. Awesome. :)

                                                2. The Setting is a cool and crisp fall evening, at the table outside.

                                                  The Entree is Chicken and dumplings, with absolute attention to a perfect matrix of gravy, with variously textured white and dark chicken that has been hand shredded to where it could be eaten without teeth... merely rolled between tongue and gums, and fluffy but small dumplings that are soda-leavened to be light.

                                                  This triad of gravy, dumpling, and chicken support each other in a way that, when you close your eyes and take a spoonful, all three components grade into each other, all part of a revolving circle.

                                                  The Salad for a counterpoint crunch is seeded cucumbers, salted to crisp them then marinated with vinegar and oil and scant sliced onion and loads of fresh chopped dill.

                                                  The Fulcrum that keeps you see-sawing back and forth between the entree and the salad is a huge stone crock bowl of homemade pimento cheese, served with the spoon stuck upright in the center to say "I am your trenching tool... Enjoy this a spoonful at a time."

                                                  If you sit and eat long enough and the fall insect chorus changes with the lowering temperatures and the level of the pimento cheese in the bowl also goes down, you will have "Hit the Spot."

                                                  1. Coming home from a very hectic day at the office and taking a freezer pack of my home made spaghetti sauce with meatballs. Heating that and cooking pasta, takes about 10 minutes.
                                                    Add lots of good, fresh parmesean cheese.......yum. Nirvana.

                                                    1. Sometimes there is nothing better or more simple than a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Mmmmm.

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                                                      1. re: taboo

                                                        A 'mater sandwich, the first of the season, with my own homegrown, Duke's mayo, salt, on white bread.

                                                      2. French Onion Soup.

                                                        Heavy on the cheese. Extra ciabatta (with butter) to wipe out any residue.

                                                        And a burp.

                                                        1. Oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon. I don't have it all that often but when I do, it hits the spot and I wonder why I didn't have some sooner!

                                                          1. Lamb vindaloo, really good tuna melts, Pepe's Apizza (CT), Louie's Lunch cheeseburgers (CT), well-prepared massaman curry, scrapple, and toasted pumpernickel bread with butter.

                                                              1. A sizzling hot bowl of kamjatang.

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                                                                1. re: pinkprimp

                                                                  oooh yes! i said pho earlier in this thread but as a korean and natural lover of all soups and stews i heartily concur. soondubu and haejangjuk top the list too, but any korean tang or jjigae hits the spot as well! :-)

                                                                  1. re: liveloveat34

                                                                    One of my ultimate comfort foods is simply kimchee bokeum bap, sometimes with shiitakes, sometimes with tuna.

                                                                    Also, tol sot bibimbap. Yum!

                                                                2. hmmm this one was a toughie for me, but i'm thinking it might be a really good tuna melt, i'm talking tuna salad with onions and celery, good mayo, tuna in olive oil, on seeded rye bread, swiss cheese, tomato, and red onion, cooked on a panini press. mmmm so good!

                                                                  1. A perfectly made egg white omelette.

                                                                    Steamed cauliflower. And most steamed veggies for that matter.

                                                                    A sweet fuyu persimmon.

                                                                    Ahi sashimi.

                                                                    1. Alberta Beef! Nothing beats a nice ribeye done on the BBQ.

                                                                      1. For me it nearly always involves peanut butter: toasted cinnamon-raisin bagel, a healthy slathering of peanut butter, a slightly unripe banana, and a drizzle of honey. this is a meal that NEVER lets me down...simple but sublime and always hits the spot.

                                                                        1. http://thekitchykitchen.blogspot.com/...
                                                                          OKay as of today it's the pumpkin ice cream and pecan pie recipes found here.
                                                                          What can I say I'm totally fickle about my WOW's.

                                                                          1. A scoop of PB from the jar

                                                                            roasted veggies

                                                                            1. Can't understand how anyone's answering this question. For me the answer would be completely different at any given time.... ::shrug::

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                                                                              1. re: rainey

                                                                                I was thinking more along the lines of the last thing I ate that really hit the spot. Rainey, you are thinking too far into the question

                                                                              2. Great Question but I can’t pick just one thing:

                                                                                A sun-warmed peach right off the tree.

                                                                                A perfectly made dish of Pad Ke Mao

                                                                                A tantalizing bowl of Yebeg Wat and injera to eat it with.

                                                                                And on the rare occasion that I am craving it a Chili Dog

                                                                                1. A kosher hot dog from a great NYC deli -- on a bun with a little mustard and a lot of sauerkraut.

                                                                                  1. This is a tough one - it's hard to narrow it down. I'd probably have to say my top would be biscuits and sausage gravy.

                                                                                    1. on Thanksgiving night, i stopped at Del Taco because i hadn't really eaten or enjoyed lunch. it was empty so they made my fries fresh. i tell you, they came out perfect. a good crinkle cut fry, hot, lightly salted and just a little greasy. they were downright heavenly.

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                                                                                      1. re: Jelly71

                                                                                        When I was in high school a friend worked at Del Taco and they told me to always order my fries w/out salt and they would always be fresh. They are so good! I added my own salt.

                                                                                      2. A steamy bowl of Tom Kha Gai soup fresh out of the hot pot brings tears of joy.

                                                                                          1. Hamburgers. I don't eat these very often, at all, so when I do have one, it's because I had a craving and it therefore inevitably "hits the spot".

                                                                                            If you were to expand the question to cover "ingestibles", then my first answer would be a nice, freshly brewed, steaming cup of black coffee.