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Nov 24, 2009 04:39 AM

Good bread in New Haven, CT?

My father talks about the bakeries that were here when he was a kid that had amazing, real Italian bread. Are there any left? Where can I get the best Italian bread in New Haven?

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  1. A couple of miles out of New Haven in Hamden, find DiSorbo's on Dixwell Ave, and a little further up, Venice Bakery, across from the post office sort of. Venice makes the old timey Italian bread your father knew, crusty, beautiful innner texture, rustic loaves, and some kind of knotted thing that's like getting 3 ends of the loaf in one....We always fought for the ends in my house growing up. Get there early, and buy an extra loaf to munch on the way home

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      Just got back from Venice Bakery. $2.25 for a loaf of real bread better than any I've found anywhere else. To order the same quality from Zingerman's costs $8 plus shipping. I highly recommend Venice.

    2. Chabaso Bread available in local grocery stores and at their outlet in New Haven.

      1. Abate on Wooster St sells bread and it's fabulous. As BiscuitBoy suggested, DiSorbo's is good. I suggest that you do NOT have DiSorbo slice it - their machines completely alter the texture of the bread.

        1. Lupi- Marciano in New Haven is probably the kind of bread that he is talking about. They have "artisinal" type bread as well as hard rolls and grinders. Also great rye!