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Nov 24, 2009 03:33 AM

Sabrina's, Cafe Estelle, Cafe Lift, Carman's, Morning Glory, or....?

Thanks to Christmas falling on a Friday this year, this means that my Saturday haunt for pancakes, the Dutch Eating Place will be closed on December 26th (it's apparently an Amish holiday). So I am in the market for a good breakfast on that Saturday. Great pancakes (banana would be nice) are preferred but would the stuffed french toast at Sabrina's be preferable? I have tried the pancakes at Morning Glory and Honey's (both are pretty good but not up to my DEP standards) so I was wondering how Cafe Estelle, Cafe Life and Sabrina's fare in the pancake wars. Then there is this Carman's place I read it really worth the hassle?

Thanks for your help in advance!

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  1. YES, Carman's is worth the hassle!!! I have had some awesome brunch meals there. It's a very small, cozy, eccentric atmosphere - so be prepared for a wait. Although, I have never waited more than 20 minutes in all of my experiences there. Carman is the only person cooking, she is great.

    Morning Glory, Honeys, Sabrinas are great too. Although, I don't waste my time there anymore and just go straight to Carman's.

    1. Estelle's pancakes are the best!!!

      1. NOT Morning Glory. No no no.
        I haven't had honey's pancakes but I love Sabrina's. Available with strawberries or bananas. I get bananas and peanut butter chips, but then, that's just me.

        1. i hate sabrina's pancakes, morning glory's are their weakest menu offering, never been to estelle or carman's. lift's a re pretty good if i recall but the best pancakes in the city are at sulimay's, a tiny unattractive family-run affair on east girard avenue. they are outstanding.

          1. Went to Carmen's a couple months ago and LOVED it. I didn't order the pancakes, but after watching someone order them next to me I almost changed my order - they looked amazing. Just keep in mind that Carmen's is very small, so it's better to brave it in a small group, like 2 people:) Keeping this in mind, I do love Honey's and Sabrina's. I haven't made it to Estelle's yet.