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Nov 24, 2009 12:30 AM

Best steak-frites in London?

It is my girlfriend's birthday in early January and I am trying to work out where to take her to celebrate. Her favourite meal is steak-frites, and it has to be french style frites rather than chunky chips! (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!) Our fall back option is the Camden Brasserie, but I would like to take her somewhere more special to make it more of an occasion.

For my birthday we went to Latium which was good (though not as good as I'd hoped/heard...), but a bit stuffy and formal for our tastes. So I am happy to pay up to £120 for two, but would prefer somewhere relaxed and friendly.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

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  1. Why not try Rowley's? I don't know whether it is formal or not, as I haven't been for 30 years, but steak and proper French frites is its speciality.

    I totally agree with your girlfriend - the chunky chip is the worst thing to happen to potatoes since the grey lumpy mash we used to get at school ...

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        Ah I remember reading your post Robin, but didn't put two and two together when I saw Theresa's. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Oh - I forgot - there's now a branch of the Relais d'Entrecote now in London - that might do the trick.

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        The Chez Gerard chain has reliably good steak frites. Despite being a chain, the restaurants have something of a sense of occasion. I like the one behind the Festival Hall.

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          Re: Relais d'Entrecote - I'm somewhat perturbed by the reports of steaks drowning in their 'special' sauce. I like my meat unadulterated!

        2. Le Bouchon Breton in Spitalfields does good Steak Frite, nice friendly atmosphere.

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            I'd second Relais, and i am sure they'd serve it without the sauce if you ask.

          2. I get my steak frites fix at Mon Plaisir in Monmouth Street. They offer several different cuts and the proper thin chips. I've taken two sets of friends in the last few months and they've liked it very much. It's within your budget. The Covent Garden hotel is opposite which is great for a pre-dinner cocktail.