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Nov 23, 2009 09:20 PM

Cocktail bars in Baltimore?

I went to the Gibson in DC this weekend and LOVED it. I've also been to PDT and Flatiron Lounge in NYC, which were great. Is there anything similar in Baltimore? I'd love to have a place for a mid-week cocktail.

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  1. Probably the closest would be Red Maple on Charles Street


    1. I'm not sure if it's the same type of vibe but the Gin Mill in Canton has some really good cocktails. I had an excellent Sidecar there and also enjoyed a martini made with lavender.

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          I've been to the B&O and you are right, its promising. Its still new enough that it hasn't developed a following, so I'll reserve final judgment until the atmosphere is determined.

        2. Nothing quite like the ones you mention in DC, but Grand Cru in Belvedere Square has excellent classic coktails (eg Sazerac) and Woodberry Kitchen also has some with modern twists.

          1. Henninger's Tavern makes excellent cocktails: manhattans, martinis, old fashioneds, etc.
            You could also check out Pur Lounge, Pazo, the bar at Charleston or Cinghiale.

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            1. I've been to The Gibson as well. In Baltimore you are not going to find anything close to The Gibson in regards to Drinks + Atmosphere. You can find good drinks at particular restaurants in Baltimore - but not really any true cocktail bars. Closest cities besides DC with that option are Philly, NYC, Boston.

              Woodberry Kitchen, Grand Cru, Salt, Wine Market, Charleston and Chingale mix a fine cocktail. Otherwise, I think that is is pretty hit and miss. One of the things I think Baltimore really needs. I just don't know if it will survive.