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Nov 23, 2009 08:09 PM

Glen Oak, CA

I am ashamed to say that after 50 years in Southern Cal I had never even heard of Glen Oak. In a word charming! I grew up going to Julian every year for apples, cider , pie and fried chicken. The farm stands I loved have closed, Tom's Chicken Shack is long gone and we can get our favorite pie without going up the mountain. I thought this Fall tradition was over for good, until we made our way up to Glen Oak.
We ate our way through town. Starting at Parrish for a glass of cinder. Then we stopped at Mom's where they insisted we taste some of the apples--Wow! Julian never tasted like these. We decided we wanted fried chicken and ended up at Apple Annie's. It was a good choice--the chicken was crisp, fresh and not overly greasy. The vegetable soup was homemade and tasty. For dessert we backtracked to Law's to try the pie and cinnamon sauce. A fine piece of pie ala mode. Later we made it to Snow line and tried a small sack of those fresh mini donuts. OMG what a guilty pleasure! We could each have polished off a large sack.
We look forward to returning next year. The tri tip at Los Rios looked great, but there are limits.

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  1. Sounds like you had a really good time. I wonder, though, if you could clarify something for us.

    There is a town called Glen Oaks in San Diego County but the places you're describing sound like Oak Glen in San Bernardino County. Is that where you went?

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      Los Rios Rancho is definately in Oak Glen, just off of the 10. The tri-tip isn't bad, we had a sandwich when we were on 10/31. Their bake at home apple pies are dynamite.

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        Sorry, you are quite right--Oak Glen was the place.