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Nov 23, 2009 06:58 PM

Phoenix, AZ - Searching for Chow Fun

Hello there!

I am an east coaster here in phoenix that is wondering if anyone out there knows of a restaurant in the area that serves GREAT chow fun. I am not talking about those dinky noodles that they serve in most restaurants...I miss those 3/4 inch WIDE rice noodles...yes, 3/4 of an inch WIDE!

I am a vegetarian, so feel free to forgo the awesomely beefy noodle suggestions that will supposedly make me forget about the dimensions and flavor of those east coast noodles! :)

I appreciate all suggestions though in all honesty and thanks!!!

Take care!!!

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  1. What part of the Valley are you in and how far are willing to drive?

    1. I don't know anyplace away from Mott Street in Chinatown in NYC that makes great chow fun, but you can try the chow fun at the most excellent Viet restaurant Saigon Pho on Alma School in Chandler, or Best Hong Kong on Southern and Dobson in Mesa (at the latter be sure to order dry chow fun unless you want it soupy). As for me I would like to find someplace that can make roast duck chow fun the way they do in the Wo Hop basement place on Mott Street, or other low down NY Chinatown noodle dives, if any others still exist, like the late great Hong Fat that used to be on the other end of Mott.

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        I'm in agreement that the closest you are likely to find is Best Hong Kong at Southern and Dobson. Also, consider getting the noodles at LeeLee and taking them home and making it yourself. Especially since you want the vegetarian version.


        Best Hong Kong Dining
        1116 S Dobson Rd, Mesa, AZ 85202

      2. I was expecting some regulars on this board who claim expertise in Chinese food to weigh in. Since they haven't, I can see that I've had chow fun I've enjoyed at Asian Cafe Express, a delightful hole in the wall at Dobson & Main in west Mesa, right next to the train station there. Whether it's GREAT by your standards, I can't say, but the noodles are indeed wide. Most ACE fans rave about the dried beef chow fun, but I'm sure the chef-owner would make a meatless version. I can't guarantee it would be 100% vegetarian, though, since he might use some chicken broth along the way.

        Other places I've had decent Chow Fun include China Chili in Midtown and Super Dragon in North Central Phoenix.

        China Chili
        302 E Flower St, Phoenix, AZ 85012

        Super Dragon Restaurant
        1212 E Northern Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85020

        Asian Cafe Express
        1911 W Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201

          1. re: ipsedixit

            Google says: Do you mean Wahsun? Near 19th Ave and Northern?

          2. The fun noodles sold at Lee Lee in Peoria/Glendale have a nice chewy texture, almost as if they were hand cut. The restaurant in the market, Hope Kee, serves several chow fun dishes and can probably make something vegetarian if you ask. The other place I like for chow fun is Great Wall on Camelback and 35th Ave. Neither of these is likely to be exactly like what you found in New York, but may be as close as you will come in the desert.

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              Nee House has one of my favorite Beef Chow fun noodle dishes in the city. The onions and scallions are cooked perfectly along w/ the black beans...they add a nice char flavor to the dish. The noodles are toothsome. I am sure if you ordered the dish veggie style...the onions and black beans alone would be a perfect compliment to the chow fun noodles.