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Nov 23, 2009 06:41 PM

Game for lunch: London

This Thursday, my wife and I have a 12-hour layover at Heathrow on the way from New York to South Africa.

Rather than suffer through a long wait at the airport, we're going to take the Express into the city and enjoy a nice lunch.

Given that it's American Thanksgiving, I feel compelled to eat some sort of game. I'd much rather have grouse or partridge or pigeon than turkey...and I'm guessing London has some good options for this. Besides, the Pilgrims were English, no?

I've heard mixed things about Roast, but do love the Borough Market. Are there other places that would be better dining? Doesn't need to be formal - it's more important to be comfortable and delicious.

Thank you for making our Thanksgiving memorable.

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  1. Many places serving game will be fairly formal, as it is considered to be a bit upper crust and expensive. Pigeon/rabbit etc less so though.

    Guessing at your timings I reckon that getting back to Heathrow after lunch might be a little tighter than your morning schedule as most inbounds from NY can get you into Town by about 9 a.m. So you need to be quite close to Paddington station for the (excellent) Heathrow Express. So I'll suggest The Connaught hotel. Certainly formal, but they do everything so well. I confess that I havent checked their menu, but I'd be very surprised if game didn't feature.

    I personally think Roast is fine, by the way.

    1. I remember having good game (but some years ago) at the Grenedier pub, which is not too far from Harrod's. It's a well-known spot, but I don't see their menu anywhere online. It may worth calling them and asking if they'll have any game on Thursday's menu. Hopefully, some others will know a convenient spot for you.

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        I think that Roast in Borough Market is good, although I don't know if game is on the menu. You could also try the White Horse gastro pub in Parsons Green. The food is good there too.

      2. A very short cab/bus ride away from Paddington- you could even walk if its a nice day - is Hereford Road which should fit the bill - ex head chef from St John B&W- you can search the board for a discussion (reviews are generally positive). I've thoroughly enjoyed my 2/3 meals there. And the menu, which you can review online, is heavy on the seasonal game (partridge & pheasant feature this week). You can also spend the rest of your day exploring the area as there are a lot of culinary and cultural treats in the notting hill area (a few great chocolate shops, Ottolenghi, museum of branding, Portobello Rd, a few galleries, etc...)

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          Thanks all, for the advice. Hereford Road looks very interesting. How would Roast compare, food-wise? It looks like they have more game on the menu (I'm looking for roast game, rather than in a pie).

          Assuming our flights are on time, I'm confident that we have enough time for a tube journey from Paddington. Are there any other places that we should consider?

        2. Looking around, le cafe anglais looks like a strong option as well. Thoughts?

          1. Rules currently has pheasant, wild duck, roe deer, hare, partridge and grouse amongst its mains.