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Nov 23, 2009 06:17 PM

Quick trip to Lisbon/Porto

Heading to Lisbon and Porto for a pre-holiday trip with my girlfriend, 2 nights Lisbon, 1 in Porto. Looking for a few special venues, ideally local Portuguese cuisine, leaning towards the upscale. But overall someplace memorable, anywhere from modest to luxurious. Research here and elsewhere has provided a few ideas: In Lisbon, Olivier (noting mixed reviews) and Lisboa A Noite. Also curious about Eleven, though the recent reviews scare me. In Porto, leaning towards Foz Velha. Basically, if you had one night, what's the one place you wouldn't miss for the ideal experience in each location? Any and all suggestions/feedback welcome and appreciated. Many thanks!

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    1. Did you go to Porto already? I want some suggestions/feedback- going the end of April. Thanks!!!

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        Hey Waitress - sorry I didn't reply sooner, hope you haven't left yet! We did travel to Porto in early December, only for a few days as a side trip. A really beautiful and amazing city, and very hilly, prepare for some climbs. In the limited amount of time we were there, we only had a few meals. Our first night was a quick bite at one of the riverside touristy restaurants. Not bad, I guess, but as expected, though the views more than made up for the ho-hum meal. Breakfast the next day was at a local cafe, good coffee and delicious pastries everywhere, and of course I enjoyed the pasteis de nata, since I have a bit of a sweet tooth. Afternoon we took a tour of the Sandeman port warehouse, which was quick and interesting, with a number of samples at the end. That evening we did get reservations at Foz Velha. They had two tasting menus, and we each got one and shared bites (menus on their website). The food was really great, as was the service, not disappointed with any of it. The restaurant is a bit of a distance from the city center, right by the Atlantic, but our taxi driver knew where to go once we got beyond my horrible Portuguese pronunciation! Again, a short day trip, but I hope it helps out. Have fun, beautiful city!

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          Hi Waitress, if you're going to Porto you should try really amazing typical portuguese food at "Casa Aleixo"!
          If you're going to Lisbon there are 3 or 4 very good restaurants: "Papa A├žorda" in Bairro Alto; "Coelho da Rocha", "Nariz de Vinho Tinto"; near the city of Cascais (20 minutes from Lisbon) you should try the restaurant "Monte Mar" for the seafood

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            Thanks for the info, we had an amazing time!

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              Hi waitress,

              great pictures. Where near/in Porto did you end up going?

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                Sorry for the delay in responding! We spent five nights in Porto, exploring the city. The highlights were, white sangria at the Bull and Bear. Larica's restaurant, we ate Indian food one night. We took the tourist bus and rode to the beach area and walked around and had a tourist lunch of fresh seafood and more white sangria. Lastly we took the train for a day trip to Pinhao, that was most fun!!! We had Porto tonics in the Port gift shop at the train station. Always the most mundane things are the most fun!!! We had a Sunday lunch in Pinhao, family style, we pigged out. We only went to Graham's tasting room. I am friends with the distributor here so they set us up on a tour. I would recommend any tour and tasting, they are all rich in history and delicious juice!

                I have more photos on Facebook, go to Poprock Photography and look for the album Pinhao. Even if you aren't signed up, you might be able to look.