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Nov 23, 2009 06:14 PM

Stopped in at Mozza tonight

We went exploring in Laval today and stopped in at Mozza for dinner. The restaurant was dead so we picked a seat with a terrific view of the wood fired oven. Overall, our reaction was... eh!

We started out with the calamari and what I believe they called a "pizza fresca" which was a salad served on a flatbread. The calamari was excellent. Served with both a marinara sauce and aioli, both in ample quantities. The calamari was quite tender... very well done :) The pasta fresca was OK too, but launched a warning shot. As our order went in, I saw dough sheeter off to the side of the oven. Sure enough, the flatbread went right into the sheeter. A show was made of throwing the dough in the air after the sheeter, but I wasn't impressed. When served, to no surprise, it was quite thin and none of the great dough taste I was hoping for. The salad and toppings were fine, so I figured... ok... it's a flatbread. As we were finishing our meal, someone ordered a pizza, and sure enough the dough went through the sheeter again. I got up to look at it when it came out and there was hardly any cornicone, surely not the type of product their oven is capable of producing.

They served some warm rolls with a nice crust, but both my wife and I felt the bread had no taste. She finished up with the 4 cheese ziti which she thought was ok, but it had no sauce to speak of. The pasta itself seemed to be of decent quality, and the cheese was fine, but we had expected a bit of sauce of some sort, probably gorgonzola since that was one of the cheeses, but no such luck. I ordered the Chicken parm which was quite tender, but left me with a feeling that the breast was dry... My wife didn't agree, and I have problems describing the mouth feel I was left with... dry is the best I can do. Once again, the platter was under sauced. There was indeed some tomato based sauce on the chicken, under the cheese, but not a drop on the plate; almost like the sauce was painted onto the chicken. Same with the cheese, just enough to cover the chicken. I also thought it was somewhat strange that the default side for chicken parm was french fries. The fries were fine, but in my neck of the woods chicken parm is usually served with a side of some kind of pasta. There were also some grilled veggies included that I enjoyed.

Bottom line is that the meal was OK, and I'd surely go back for the calamari, but don't know what else I'd order.

On a side note, I noticed that Sami's Fruits was across the street. We stopped in an picked up some fruit for our hotel room. Sure wish I had that kind of selection somewhere near my home. Of course, you guys have Jean Talon, not much more is needed.

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  1. What is a "sheeter" and what is "cornicone"? Thanks.

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    1. re: williej

      Your post makes me want to try this restaurant, I always find everything over sauced.
      As far as sides go, I always ask what they are and have them subbed with pasta if I so wish.
      I'm assuming the sheeter is what they use to flatten the dough, but the comicone has me stumped, are you in the business since you use those terms ?
      Have you tried any other places during your trip ?

      1. re: williej

        A sheeter is a machine that rolls dough out, like a pasta machine, but on steroids. Instead of shaping the dough by hand, this machine makes all the dough the same thickness.

        A cornicone is the rim around the pizza, often called the "crust." I happen to like a high, airy, tender cornicone, and the pizza at Mozza had virtually none.

      2. I thought you were talking about the Mozza in Laval then I saw the end of the post, oops. This is getting confusing =)

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        1. re: Werzoth

          The OP is indeed talking about Mozza in Laval. The erroneous link at the bottom of the page was created automatically by an application.

          1. re: SnackHappy

            thanks for the clarification, I made a note of the ste catherine east location and was going to try it.

            1. re: SnackHappy

              Are Mozza in Laval and Mozza in the Gay Village branches of the same restaurant?

              Where in Laval is Mozza? Laval is huge. Is it near the métro?

              Khyber Pass in Laval is not a long walk from the Montmorency métro. This is worth remembering if there is a group of people from Laval and from Montréal. I've never eaten at the Laval branch though.

              1. re: lagatta

                «Where in Laval is Mozza? Laval is huge. Is it near the métro?»

                ?! You've already asked this question and received answers in the Wood Fire Pizza thread.

                with a link to

                505 Promenade du Centropolis
                450 973-3400
       (obnoxious site with music, auto resizing, etc.)

                1. re: carswell

                  For some reason the site didn't open for me (just as well) which is why I didn't remember that I had asked it before.

          2. The original comment has been removed