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Nov 23, 2009 06:08 PM

Miami Restaurant with local flavor to host large group

Hi all -

I will be in Miami at a conference in late february. Need to host a dinner for about 100 people. Looking for something sort of local, not touristy, no more than $100 per person. We were thinking maybe cuban or latin. Last time hosted at China Grill. Loved the food, but looking for something more down scale - less elegant, more low key and fun. Thanks for any suggestions. adb

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  1. Check Graziano's in Brickell (Argentine) or Zucchero close to Brickell (Italian-Brazilian). Or in Coral Gables, La Cofriada or Francesco's (both Peruvian). And in South Beach, D. Rodriguez Cuba should be open next month, for upscale Cuban. The same chef, Doug Rodriguez, also has OLA at the Sanctuary Hotel that may be worth your bites.

    I would skip all of the other Cuban restaurants.

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      No way youre getting 100 people in Francesco...

      I think it might be helpful to specify where you will be in Miami and if you and your group prefer something close to where youre staying or if you have transportation.

    2. Hi...Just ate at the new D. Rodriguez Cuba restaurant in Miami Beach and I highly recommend doing your party there. Not only is the food and service great, but it is a beautiful restaurant that even has a outdoor seating area that is spectacular. You will not be disappointed.

      1. De Rodriguez Cuba is fabulous. February in South Florida is all about dining al fresco. No better place in South Florida. Great menu, lush patio and strong drinks. Check out the website at