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Nov 23, 2009 06:07 PM

Costco Brown Rice

My husband and I just converted to brown rice a year or so ago. He recalls that he bought our bags of rice from Costco...they were 16 pound plastic bags inside a woven bag...he believes. I'd transfered the rice to plastic buckets to keep in the refrigerator. You guessed it...we're almost out of our last bag of rice and we can't remember the brand.....and our Costco no longer carries it. I'm sure someone on this site mention they, too, got their favorite brown rice from Costco...and I remember noticing it was the brand we had just happened to have purchased.

Does anyone recognize the rice? I've tried searching the boards but couldn't find the reference. We'll be driving to Tulsa in December. We may be on a Costco mission to find it.

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  1. I live in the Dallas area and do not find brown rice in either my Costco or Sam's. Well, at least not genuine brown rice -- as Costco seems to carry instant and flavored brown rice.

    I would try an Asian market before wasting time driving around to find a warehouse club in Tulsa that carries it.

    I really like Costco, but have been noticing that, slowly, name brands are all converting to Kirkland, as well as the disappearance of some staples in favor of yet even more convenience foods. It may just be what the people want, who knows. For example, soy sauce is no longer available (it is still available at my Sam's Club), but they have a whole pallette of Mr. Yoshi-something, which is sweetened soy sauce that is prepared to be used as-is for glazing or marinating.

    Asian markets have the best selection. Just be really careful to examine the packages, as all rice bags can have those little black rice bugs that multiply every few weeks. Any sign of webs or black bugs -- don't buy. You don't want to get all the way home and find that you want to toss the rice. I have had this happen twice now in the last six months from both the warehouse club and an Asian market. When I got home -- little black bugs in the rice. It has do do with how it is stored.

    1. I agree with your assessment of what Costco is now carring. We were able to find the REAL brown rice just twice....and a very nice fresh salsa with garlic only once.

      Luckily we're in Maryland with a large Asian population with multiple LARGE Asian groceries...some selling things I'd prefer not to even think about. I was just hoping to find the one I KNOW I like.

      We know neither our Sams Club nor the one in Tulsa carries the brown rice...we hauled a bag to our son in March. I was just hoping a Costco inbetween still carried it. We're able to get grits in the North Carolina Sams but not ours so apparently some items are regional. Thanks for the warning to check for bugs.