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Nov 23, 2009 05:35 PM

child friendly restaurant near Lenox or Back Bay hotel

We are overnighting in Boston at either the Back Bay Hotel (Jury's) or the Lenox, both are offering good rates the Friday after Thanksgving. We need a restaurant that we will enjoy, but that will we can take our 6 y.o. son. An I crazy to even consider Hamersley's bistro, and those prices with a child in tow? I also heard good things about Neptune, but I am not sure of the proximity or how child friendly it is. Any other suggestions? We also considered the Nine Zero hotel, which has a nice restaurant, but thought the other locations might be better. We stayed at the Waterfront on our last visit.

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  1. Unless your kid is a terror I think Hammersley's would be fine. It's not a sedate place. Then again, if he is a terror no place would be fine. We always took our kids to nice restaurants without a problem, but you know your son better than I.

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      Don't know if you are looking for a "one great meal" recommendation or a range of suggestions for Boston with a kid. My grandsons are pretty civilized but still don't like sitting still more than 45 minutes or so. Nearby you could try the Parish Cafe, good for lunch, consider Dim Sum or dinner in chinatown (Hei La Moon for dim sum for example, or Grand Chau Chow), or explore the North End which is full of nice sights and smells for a kid (dinner at Nepture if you can get in, with desert at another stop like Cafe Paradiso).

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        Thanks for your replies. He is not a terror at meals, but I suspect the shorter the sit down time, the better (and I come equipped with all kinds of things to keep him entertained!) He loves Chinese food, and Neptune would make my husband happy. How far are either of these from the hotels, walk or taxi or drive? And do you think we would have a problem around 6?

    2. Near the Lenox, Sel De La Terre does a great job with kids. Also found my kids have done well at the Palm and Stephanie's.

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        Thanks, we did Sel de la terre last time we were in Boston and stayed on the waterfront. I will look into the other options.

      2. Stephanie's on Newbury is v. child friendly.

        1. just to follow up on my options, are either of the chinese places good for dinner, or just for dim sum, which is usually served on weekends around lunch?

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            For dinner, maybe Peach Farm is better. very good chinese seafood. The walk to Chinatown from the Jury is right down Stuart Street to Kneeland, about 8 blocks or so. The North End is probably a cab ride; unless the traffic is awful, and no more than 10 minutes. Neptune's on a weekend is anybody's guess, since no reservations. You might consider making a back-up reservation (I know you'd have the courtesy to cancel it if you got into Neptune) at someplace like Prezza or Antico Forno, just because my experience is it's not fun to try to figure out an alternative destination with a hungry 6 year old in tow. Good luck, enjoy.

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              Thank you, I will definitely make back up reservations. We may now stay at Nine Zero Kimpton on Tremont, I found a great promotional price. I think that is easier for the North End. Would it best to drive or to take a cab? Also, is we want to do dim sum on Saturday, do you know what time they open?

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                It's a very short T ride from the Nine Zero to the North End; that's how I would get there. Otherwise, I'd take a cab.

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                  We love the Lenox Hotel. Stayed their last weekend with our 10 year old daughter. The room was perfect and the staff was great. They gave her a stuffed Lion. Very kid friendly. They have a new restaurant which just opened at the hotel. The menu was great and the food was marvelous. There is more to do and see in Back Bay. We love Hamersley's, Stephanie's on Newbury and Prezza. All great are great choices. Prezza may be too upscale, however they can do pasta.

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                    Dim sum starts around 9AM. My fav is Chau Chow City on Essex(3rd floor, only, where the steam table is), then China Pearl or Hei La Moon that have the rolling cart service. Little Winsor Dim Sum Cafe serves made to order items.

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                      Thanks, I think we have decided upon the Lenox hotel. Which restaurant did you eat in, Azure or the Pub Solera?

                      Friends with children recommended we skip Prezza, the concern with Hamersley's was that as a small intimate restaurant, any altercations with my son would be heard by all!

                      Thanks Taralli about the Dim Sum. Do you know if it served on Saturday as well as Sundays?

                      1. re: bawc

                        Yes, both days. Sorry, this was too late. Please post about your experiences in eating over the weekend.