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Up The Road restaurant, Calgary

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Has anyone been to "Up The Road" on 17th Ave S.E.? It's a vegetarian Italian/Caribbean restaurant that opened in May, but I haven't heard anything about it. Sounds interesting as I like both Caribbean and veggie.

Apparently it's been closed for a month, but it will reopen tomorrow.

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  1. Vegetarian Italian/Carribean - intriguing. I was wondering why they were closed for a month and found the cbc story. Apparently the owner is a single mom and only had one part timer, and when the owner came down with the flu they had to close, took her the month to recover.


    1. I have eaten at Up the Road in Calgary a few times. The food is really good. They have recently added meat dishes (which I can't speak to), but maitain a strong vegetarian menu.

      1. Can anyone confirm that Up the Road is still open?

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          I found a number online a while ago so I called, and there was no answer. I didn't bother to try and do a drive by. I'd also like to know if it's still around.