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Nov 23, 2009 04:20 PM

thanksgiving dessert - help

husband's family have decided on a last minute thanksgiving dinner and they asked me to make a dessert. I am working till 5.30 on Wednesday but will have time to shop after work and all of Thursday morning to make something.

I am not American (English) and do not want to attempt pumpkin pies so can anyone suggest a dessert. I make good pastry so don't mind making a pie but will not have the energy to peel apples so forget that filling idea. Someone is making cheesecake already. What else is appropriate for T-giving dessert for 15-20 guests. Could really use some suggestions.

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  1. In my family, at least, all pies are welcome. Coconut cream pie only takes a few minutes and people love it :) Even more though, I think you should reconsider your position on the pumpkin pie- the recipe is on the back of the can (really easy- like three ingredients plus spices) and it is part of the tradition.

    1. +1 for pumpkin pie - the crust is the hardest part! traditional American pumpkin pie filling is incredibly quick & easy to throw together, and *much* less labor-intensive than apple.

      my other suggestion would be pecan pie.

      1. Red velvet cake...everyone does pies for Thanksgiving.....I'm making cake (besides, I don't like pumpkin or coconut) The cake can be made from a box, what could be simpler? Bake it in a bundt pan, then whip up some cream cheese frosting and garnish with toasted pecans or walnuts.

        1. I made this cake last year for Christmas & it was a big success.
          The orange, nuts, and dried cranberries all seem in keeping with the Thanksgiving menu.

          1. There should be a pie of some sort on the Thanksgiving table, and since someone is doing cheesecake, the pie is up to you. On the other hand, Costco's 12" diameter pumpkin pie, for $6, will feed 10-12, and is very very good. I would buy one of those, and make homemade whipped cream and a sauce to drizzle, with pecans and either caramel or maple. As Garrison Keillor says, the best pumpkin pie you ever had is not all that much better than the worst pumpkin pie you ever had.

            Sweet potato pie is great, too, but really, other than pumpkin pie, I can't think of a pie that takes significantly less prep time than an apple pie, as long as you don't have itty bitty apples. I can peel, core, and slice an apple in about a minute.

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              That's a great quote to remember, and it fits a lot more than pumpkin pie.