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Nov 23, 2009 03:36 PM

Turkey advice, please: I may have to postpone Thanksgiving

I picked up a turkey at Whole Foods today (Monday). It had obviously been frozen, as it was still icy inside. I put it into the refrigerator to dry brine this morning.

Then this afternoon I found out my son has walking pneumonia and there's some question as to whether he'll be too contagious for guests on Thursday. How long can I leave the turkey, which is exposed to the air, not in a bag, and still have it be safe to eat? Am I ok until Saturday? Or, if we're not having T-giving on Thursday, should I cook it Thursday or Friday and reheat to serve on Saturday?


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  1. I'd say get it into a bag ASAP even if it's a trash bag and keep it sealed and it should be fine until you cook it even by Saturday.