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Old fashioned in Dallas...

Hey ya'll !

I was in Dallas a couple of months ago and I ate at a charming restaurant somewhere near the Inwood, I think... It was an old fashioned parlor with booths and home made cooking. They had okra, sweet corn bread, it was wonderful...
I had a dish of crispy fried chicken, mashed potates, corn, sweet corn bread and some sort of white gravy...
Does anyone know which resturant I'm talking about?
Or at least can give the recipe of that delicious gravy?


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  1. If just west of Inwood, on Lovers, then most likely Celebration.

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      Celebration also came to my mind first. See if this link rings a bell....

      And it's y'all.

      Not ya'll. ;-)

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        I've always lived in the south and for whatever reason, have always spelled the plural "you" as "ya'll". Not sure why - probably because " 'll " is a common contraction ending. There are blogs on the 2 spellings though..... ;)

    2. I'll bet you mean, Dunston's Steak House. Did they have an open mesquite wood grill in back of the salad bar?

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        From the poster's description, it sounds nothing at all like Dunston's.

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          I would say it is either Celebration at Inwood and Lovers (the most likely) or Kel's at Inwood and Forest. Both have old fashioned diner type food.

          Nothing further south towards Lemmon or even close to Parkland (Harry Hines) sound like what the OP is looking for.

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            Hmmm. Never thought about Kel's. Could be.

      2. I would say it was no doubt Celebration if in that vacinity. Kel's is probably 5 or 6 miles from there at best and at the site of an old Pizza Inn. What did the place look like inside or out, that would make it much easier to identify.

        1. Unless the place looked like the inside of an old Wyatt's Cafeteria (Dunston's) then it's Celebration.

          1. Other possibilities would be diners like Mama's Daughter's Diner or the Original Marker Diner.



            1. To answer your question OP....call the restaurant in question and ask for the recipe. Most 'home style' cooks are very generous people. If not my dirty little secret is a package of Pioneer gravy mix. Made in San Antonio and comes in several "flavors"...black pepper, sausage, plain. Try this...brown and drain your fave pan sausage (chop it up into little pieces as you cook it.) and add into the gravy prepared as directed. Serve over fresh, hot homemade biscuits.