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Nov 23, 2009 03:27 PM

Las Vegas with kids

At the risk of starting another "kids don't belong in nice restaurants" thread . . . going to a Saturday matinee of The Lion King at Mandalay Bay with two other adults and two four year old girls. Since we'll all be a bit dressed up for the theater, we'd like to take the girls to dinner afterwards some place nice but still kid-appropriate (and of course with decent food for the grownups). Would like to stay in the general vicinity of the Strip, and the only hard and fast menu requirement is that there must be french fries. Bonus points for any sort entertainment but that's not a necessity. So far our best thought is Mon Ami Gabi - any other suggestions?

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  1. I know Vegas buffets have a bad rep with some posters, but the one at Mandalay Bay is quite good!

    1. I don't know if the Burger Bar is too casual. It is right at Mandaly Bay and they have both skinny and steak fries.

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        yes, thanks for the suggestion - we love Burger Bar and will undoubtedly end up there at some point over the weekend. But I'd still like to find some place a little fancier that will work for Saturday night.

      2. Have you looked at Verandah? It's at the Four Seasons (attached to Mandalay Bay) and it does have a kids menu.

        1. There is an Italian restaurant at the Venetian, called Canaletto, that is good and if you sit outside, (which is inside, lol) you can watch the street perfromers and mimes. And when you are done you can take your kids on a gondola ride.

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            Thanks! I was thinking about the Venetian "canals" but I'm not familiar with any of the restaurants there.

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              Instead of Canaletto I would go next door to Enoteca San Marcos from Mario Batali. Food is quite good for reasonible prices and I have seen kids there.

          2. Thanks everyone for all the feedback. For various logistical reasons we ended up at Burger Bar, which was as good as always. Also really enjoyed (w/o the kids) the new Lagasse's Stadium at the Palazzo - an amazing space for watching football with better than average bar food. Our other dinner was at China Grill - not a huge Chowhound favorite I realize, but I love their Szechuan beef and chicken salad.