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Nov 23, 2009 03:18 PM

Searching for Leaf Lard in East Bay

I am trying to find leaf lard for holiday pie crusts. I have inquired at Ver Brugge, Lunardi's, Berkeley Bowl (and Whole Foods/Andronico's since I was in those stores). The boyfriend found some lard at a Mexican supermarket, but it is slightly yellow and has a bit of a pork odor. I am concerned about using that for an apple pie. I would prefer to avoid SF. I am in San Leandro and San Ramon for the most part and will travel East Bay for leaf lard.

On a related note, Lunardi's has decent suet (Christmas pudding) in case anyone is wondering.

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  1. If you strike out in the East Bay, Prather Ranch in the Ferry Building has leaf lard. I got some on Saturday. It is white (not yellow at all) and has a very faint odor.

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      I've bought leaf lard there for quite some time. Today, I called ahead to ask if they had any leaf lard, and they said they did. What they sold my partner was Pork Lard, which they said was the same (it is not). I would advise people to call first and determine exactly what they have, before making the trip.

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        All lard is pork lard by definition (lard is rendered pork fat), but leaf lard is made from leaf fat, so it's a more specific type.

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          I'm a bit confused. Robert states correctly that all pork fat once rendered is lard. The leaf fat is specific to fat surrounding the kidneys and is the purest fat for rendering. I am only aware of Prather rendering leaf lard as a product so are you sure it was not simply a confusion in labeling what I assume was a 1lb tub? I don't want people to be discouraged from seeking it there since it so hard to find in particular rendered in small quantities.

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            The Fatted Calf store in Hayes Valley also carries leaf lard.

      2. I'd try a place like the Pasta Shop. Fatted Calf has leaf lard -- you could probably call them and request that they save some for you to be picked up at the farmers market.

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          I was at Fatted Calf a month ago and they told me you can call the store and order Leaf lard and they will bring it to the farmer's market for you.

          1. Boccalone in the Ferry Building also has it. Fatted Calf does have leaf lard, but not all the time, and they won't be at another farmer's market until the first weekend of December.

            1. As previously mentioned, Prather Ranch distributes rendered leaf lard in 1lb tubs from Range Brothers and is $10.00. It is available at both the Oakland Grand Lake farmers market and the one in Danville but both are Saturday markets so if you need it for this week you'd have to go to Prather in the Ferry bldg. If that's not an option and you only need a small amount until you can get to a farmer's could get a small quantity of pork fat trimmings from a local butcher and render you own lard. It won't have the same quality that leaf lard has but it will be lard. The browning comes from bits of meat left on and too high a heat when rendering. It needs to be trimmed and cut up in small pieces and heated very slowly over low heat with a little water until it renders and can be strained. Hope this helps.

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                The Mexican markets often have two types of fresh lard. One will be white and suitable for baking, the other is browner and meaty tasting from the cooking of carnitas and is used for savory dishes. But they're not leaf lard.