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Nov 23, 2009 02:37 PM

Would this kill me?

Okay holiday time so at my local mega-liquor mart I picked up a mix of brews including on a whim some cheap Nova Schin Pilsen from Brazil. After spoiling myself last night with a bottle of Ommegang I just went for a bottle of the Nova Schin and while washing down some guacamole noticed it had an incredible amount of yeast/mold/funk? hovering around the bottom. I immediately looked for a date and the label has an area to mark ranging from 2005 to 2007! Nothing was notched however. The sixers (I cracked a case to get a couple) were wrapped in plastic so I bought them blind and since there's a Brazilian nabe nearby I didn't even think about it. Funny thing was although I only took a sip it didn't taste overtly skunky. Obviously I'm taking them back but I'm curious about whether I'm going to start hallucinating like medieval villagers did after eating moldy grain. BTW, I'm really tired of having to police the retailers... I can barely read the cryptic best buy dates on most brews and can barely tell when a month is "notched".

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  1. Unlikely that any harm will come to you. Floaties and sediments often show up in over the hill beers. The beer wouldn't even necessarily be skunky (that only comes from exposure to light, not from age); worse thing is probably that it may taste a bit stale.

    1. Flaco, are you still alive?

      1. Hoping you are still alive. With that in mind, the two home-brew books I've read claim that dangerous molds common to canning mishaps, like botchulism, cannot survive in beer. But I hear the mold that does survive tastes like Gumbi poop.

        1. sounds like a non filtered beer to me ,just like la fin du monde