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Nov 23, 2009 02:25 PM

Iittala Dahlström Tools Ceramic-Coated Wok

I just saw a very large Iittala Dahlström Tools Ceramic-Coated Wok (Finland) with a glass cover on sale for $99 in a warehouse sale, supposedly less than half price. I like the Iittala Dahlström Tools in the stainless steel line but have never heard of ceramic coated cookware. I can't find this particular product (with glass lid) in the products list in the Iittala web listing. Must be discontinued.

Are there any benefits to ceramic-coated cookware? Is it safe? Any advice?

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  1. No real experience, but ceramic coating (usually) is to provide a relatively nonstick surface in a non-Teflon fashion. In other words, it is to appeal to people who worry about Telfon-like nonstick cookware.

    1. Smachnoho, my guess is that you encountered a Hard Face PRO piece, one that somehow made its way to North America, where, AFAIK, it normally is not distributed.

      (I have secretly coveted the Hackman Etiqett line ever since I first laid eyes on it -- it may be seen from the menu at right in the above link; when on the Etiqett page, click on "PARTS.")

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        Thanks for the link. I found the item I saw at the sale:
        But the item I saw had a glass lid and an insert for steaming veggies. The regular price was listed as $300 Canadian on sale for $99.
        Should I buy it or pass? i don't own a wok and have never used one. If purchased how would I use this product?

        1. re: Smachnoho

          Smachnoho, that loos to be an excellent price for what I have no doubt is an excellent piece of cookware.

          But whether or not you buy it for yourself, you should join in another current thread here in the Cookware section headed "Induction-capable SS: All-Clad vs. Demeyere vs. others " where the OP said that she/he is specifically looking for an induction-capable wok and no one (yet) has chimed in with a suggestion. It looks as if you have a solution right there.