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Nov 23, 2009 02:03 PM

Boston hound heading to Albany

Heading to Albany for the weekend and would like some recs.

1. Late night dining.

2. Luch spot

3. Dinner spot

All cuisines work, any local treats? Price isnt a factor, just good food.

Also a nice bar/pub to get some drinks on Saturday afternoon.


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  1. I want the same info too!

    1. Dale Miller for dinner; New World Bistro and Bar for lunch or dinner.

      1. Ditto New World Bistro Bar.

        I have not discovered regional specialties in the Capital Region other than Italian in Schenectady and Troy. You can get that in Boston. I'd avoid bagels and Greek food here.

        Cafe Capriccio (Italian), Marche at 54 State (American), Le Canard Enchaine (French), Yono's DP (Indonesian & American), Van's or My Linh (Vietnamese), CK (Chinese). Have not been to Dale Miller for dinner yet, just for an event. Lark Street has several restaurants. If you have a car you might want to drive to Saratoga Springs. There are lots of threads, you might want to do a search of this Board. Please report back on your experience. Happy eating!

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          A long TOP NY Capital Region-Albany, Schenectady, Saratoga, Troy
          thread to get you started:

          MAD is an Albany gem:

        2. For your Saturday afternoon pub I'd recommend Washington Tavern. It's a college bar but during the day its a cool place to hang out. They also have great wings.

          A dinner spot I recommend is Jack's Oyster House. It's a place anyone knows about and some would probably call it touristy but the food was good if my memory is correct.

          Both these places have a lot of history as well if you are into that thing.

          1. I have been recommending Creo but lately, the service has been sub par. We have found an expansion of Wheatfields, a saratoga regular, in Clifton Park but have not tried it yet. I had a great dining experience at the Brown Derby in the old Salvation Army building recently as well. The Gingerman on Delaware Ave is also a long time standard with great food.