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Nov 23, 2009 12:57 PM

Thai in Dallas

So I am looking for a good thai restaurant, in Dallas (I mean south of LBJ) and around 75. I feel like most thai places I have tried (I judge the thai food based on the quality of the Tom Yum soup), are so sweet, and not spicy & sour. I also find that many add all sorts of fillers like bamboo shoots. Any suggestions?

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  1. Best in Dallas: Royal Thai. Old Town shopping center on Greenville and Lovers. And I mean, the best!

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    1. re: twinwillow

      Finally made it to Royal Thai yesterday. Will say, so far it's leading the Thai race in Dallas for me. The Tom Yum wasn't as spicy as I like it (then again, I didn't ask them to make it extra spicy...I wanted to see what their default was). Fortunately, I just asked for the Spice tray and it came to my rescue.

      I also got Pad Plik Khing (Chicken with green beans) and this one I did ask for spicy and it was awesome! Will be going back here again for sure!

    2. Fermented bamboo shoots, hearts of palm and coconut shoots are all ingredients that are found in Thai restaurants. If you don't want the fillers don't get them. To make sure we aren't giving you the wrong soup, you are referring to the one without coconut milk correct?

      Tom Kha Gai is the Chicken coconut milk one.

      There is a good Tom Yum soup at Bangkok Inn. It seems to fit what you are looking for. I remember stopping in there one time when I was in the area on a cold night and it was quite good. I am not sure about any of their other dishes. Most people seemed to get takeout and not enjoy their food.

      I would agree with twinwillow though I would probably go with Royal Thai if I was south of 635. Not sure if it is the "best" but it suffices.

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      1. re: LewisvilleHounder

        Yep, I mean Tom Yum (no coconut milk). As much as I love coconut anything (including coconut milk), I'm not a huge fan of Tom Kha. I think it's the heavy sweetness in most places...

        Something about fermented bamboo shoots. I love all foods, I just can't get behind them....

      2. Royal Thai is our favorite for Tom Yum soup. They do have some good dishes there, but unfortunately many are overbearingly sweet. We mainly go there for the soup.

        Bangkok City on Bryan (NOT the one on Greenville Ave) also has good Tom Yum. Their dishes overall are much less sweet than Royal Thai.

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        1. re: Webra1

          I agree about Royal Thai. I tried probably at least 15 Thai restaurants here and Star of Siam in Richardson was the only one that serves not-so-sweet or sour Pad Thai (I don't want to order it, but KuidaoresEvilTwin keeps ordering it.) There was one in Plano that served non-sweet and more authentic Thai dishes (they had the best appetizers), but they lasted for less than a year... I've been looking for Mee Krob here for 4 yrs (though that dish is sweet).

          So Webra1, is Bankgkok City on Bryan much better than the one on Greenville? We recently went the one on Greenville not realizing there is another one on Bryan. They were just ok, but not terrible.

          What happened to Thai Thai? Their lunch buffet used to be good, but no one writes about it here and recent reviews in other forums are bad.

          1. re: kuidaore

            OOOooo, I have seen the Bankgkok City on's down the street from Jimmys and next to the new pizza place (newer at least) -- Bryan City Tavern. We got takeout from Thai Noodle and Rice on Fitzhugh, and it was decent. They don't sell soup by the cup like a lot of more authentic thai places, so take out is the only option there, if you don't want just soup for dinner (oh and its in a bit sketchy strip mall with a cash advance place next door, so I think take out is the preference anyway). I'll have to give Royal Thai a try....Thai food is the one thing I haven't been able to successfully cook and just love to eat it!

            1. re: pgwiz1

              I would recommend, "packing heat" for a visit to Thai Noodle & Rice. Also, keep one eye on your car while in there.

              1. re: twinwillow

                lol, it's not *that* bad....granted, I refuse to stop there after dark. but yes, I will probably only go there for take out. Their pad see ew was quite good.

                1. re: pgwiz1

                  I'm very familiar with that neighborhood as I live on Travis just on the other side of 75.

            2. re: kuidaore

              Bangkok City on Bryan has completely different owners than the one on Greenville, but I don't think that was always the case.

              Either way, the food and menu are completely different. I was not impressed with the location on Greenville.

          2. Has anyone tried Mango Thai on Lovers Lane? Their food as well as their soups are very good, IMHO.
            But, Royal Thai is still my overall favorite. And, I don't agree about their food being overly sweet. If that were the case, I wouldn't enjoy their food as much as I do.
            I also like Noodle Wave on Coit at Spring Valley. Very good and, BYOB!

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            1. re: twinwillow

              Obviously sweet is very subjective. Most people aren't as opposed to sweet in savory dishes as me and my husband.

              Just to clarify, not all the dishes at Royal Thai are sweet, but one of my favorite dishes (papaya salad) is so sweet there that it is almost inedible. I also can't handle their very sweet salad dressing.

            2. pgwiz, have you tried Thai Tanee ? I can't speak to your specific dish, but I find their food to be very good. It's near the intersection of Montfort/LBJ, so it's N of LBJ, but only by a few bocks. If you are traveling west on LBJ, exit at the Montfort exit, hang a right on Montford. Good luck.

              Thai Tanee
              5635 Alpha Rd, Dallas, TX 75240