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Nov 23, 2009 12:39 PM

Looking for Invert Sugar


I am trying to find Invert Sugar to make a dessert but can't find it in super markets (whole foods, etc.).

Does anyone know where I could find this item in Los Angeles or Orange County area?


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  1. Is it a British recipe? Lyle's Golden Syrup is a type of invert sugar syrup from England. It's a very viscous cane sugar syrup that has a medium caramel color and flavor. Here's a photo:

    I buy Lyle's at Indian groceries in Tustin / Artesia. Cost Plus World Market also carries it.

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      Try calling Surfas in Culver City, (310) 559-4770, I think they may carry it.

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        Hi PS,
        I am trying to make a chocolate truffle and the recipe comes from a chocolatier. For that I have to use Invert Sugar. Will Lyle's Golden Syrup work for this purpose? Or do I need something more precise since it might change the recipe because of the caramel flavor you mentioned?

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          I'm not enough of a chocolate guy to answer that question. You might post that on the Home Cooking board. Someone there should be able to answer.

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            I'd go to Surfas and get Invert sugar. or try buying a small amount from a pastry shop you are friendly with.

            If your just using a small amount just use Corn syrup (Karo) . It's the best substitution.

        2. If you get stuck there was a previous discussion over on the CH Home Cooking board on how to make it:

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            I regularly make it when brewing British beers. I start with raw sugar and add a very small amount of water and 1 gram of cream of tartar per kilo of sugar and then boil for 20-30 minutes. This is much cheaper than searching out golden syrup, etc.

          2. Surfas has it on their Web site ( ) -- item # 31396.

            1. invert sugar is just sugar in a liquid form that does not crystallize. you can use corn syrup or glucose.