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Nov 23, 2009 12:22 PM

Noise level at Quince?

I would love to go to Quince at the new location, but want to make sure I can have a conversation and not leave with ringing in my ears and a sore throat.

As an example, I love the food and service at Range but after two visits I simply can't return due to the noise level.

I would appreciate any reports on the noise level at Quince from anyone who has been to the new location. And does it seem to vary depending on where you are seated?

Thanks so much.

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  1. I was just there last Thursday night and I didn't feel that it was unnecessarily loud. The main dining room is elegant and has a comfortable feel, and that's where I sat. I can see, however, if you were closer to the bar how the noise from the drinking can get loud. There are also seating along the back against the brick wall and can't tell if that's quieter or not since I didn't sit there. But overall I wouldn't classify the new Quince as loud.

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      We had a late dinner there on Sunday evening and although it was lively, I wouldn't classify it as loud either. We arrived right before 10PM, so not exactly peak time; however all of the tables around us were still occupied with parties of four, and the private dining room was occupied as well.

      We sat at a table for two, right outside the private dining room and adjacent to the brick walls that singleguychef describes and had a wonderful time. The food was lovely, but the pacing was a bit slower than other tasting menus we have tried in the past, and save for a water mixup - they accidentally refilled our sparkling with still, but caught it towards the end of the meal - the service was pleasant and attentive. One of us had the Porcini 5-Course, and the other the regular 5-Course Tasting, we added the cheese course and wine pairing as well. Enjoy!

      Quince Restaurant
      470 Pacific Av, San Francisco, CA 94133

    2. We were there a couple of Saturdays ago and sat along the back wall, some distance from the bar and it was very quiet. I can't imagine it would be very loud wherever you are seated except, maybe, near the bar though I don't think that even at the bar it wall not be too noisy-it's just not that kind of place.

      1. It's a quiet restaurant. We ate at the bar, and had a drink in the lounge while we waited for seats to open up, and it was very sedate the entire time we were there.