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Nov 23, 2009 12:19 PM

Wings in Amherst/Northampton Area

Who has the best wings??? Packards? Fitzwilly's? Wings Over Amherst? Wings n Things? Kennedy Fried Chicken (Easthampton)? Antonios? Toasted Owl? ANYWHERE ELSE?

Please help!!

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  1. There's a Buffalo Wild Wings in Hadley that's tasty!

    1. Sierra Grill in Northampton has a few different wing options. All wings are smoked and there are BBQ, Buffalo, and Habanero sauces. The habanero sauce is good, pretty spicy.

      Fitzwilly's only has only ONE kind of wings (buffalo). Anyone tried them?

      1. the Hanger in Amherst, Toasted Owl in Northampton