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Nov 23, 2009 12:03 PM

Italian bakeries in Birmingham?

We have a new postdoc in our lab, and she really wants to make some good tiramisu (and we really want her to, too!). She's looking for savoiardi or at least fresh lady fingers (boxed in a pinch) and has not had good luck. I figured the people on here might have some good suggestions as to where to look.


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  1. You sent me scrambling to Google to find out what savoiardi are! That is going to be tough to find. As a life-long Birmingham resident (in my mid 40s), I am not aware of any Italian bakeries. There used to be a large Italian-American population in the Ensley neighborhood, but that was decades ago and any bakeries that were there are long gone. Your best bets may be:

    1. Continental Bakery--The web site does not list them, but perhaps they make them from time to time or on request.

    2. Bottega--If they don't make them, I would think that owner Frank Stitt or some of his folks could tell you where to look.

    3. GianMarco's--I am pretty sure that they don't make them, but the host there, Giovanni Respinto, is originally from Genoa, and he may be able to point you in the right direction. His sons, Giani and Marco, are the chefs/owners. If you happen to be in there, you might ask Mr. Respinto about it. I would not call, as he can be a little gruff on the phone.

    I hope that helps.