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Nov 23, 2009 11:24 AM

Anyone been to Il Mulino recently?

Heard about the change in ownership in the last while, and wondered whether anyone could report on what has changed (if anything, same chef I understand) over there?

We're thinking of going there this weekend with my parents and extended family for a birthday dinner. Looking for good food, interesting but not too innovative dishes (one young child, a few elderly not so adventurous eaters), and a warm and comfortable atmosphere that is not too loud or casual. Would this fit the bill? Any other recommendations in midtown / north Toronto area?

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  1. We went about 2 months ago with another couple. Had steak, fish and a pasta dish. We didn't feel the food was up to the standards before the changeover. The light brandy? sauce on the steak was rather raw tasting, hadn't been reduced properly I don't think. The atmosphere was quite different to me, noisier. Service was fine but all in all we won't be going back. So sorry too as il Mulino was our favorite place for special celebrations.

    1. We just went last Friday and completely agree with g.m. The menu is largely the same (including fairly high prices) and, in fact, I ordered the same dish I ordered before - the Smoke Duck Linguine; my wife ordered another pasta and the other foodie couple with us had the Lobster Risotto special. They also mussels for appetizers and I had a salad. My wife's pasta came cold and they apologized and took it back and brought another one about 10 min later but by then everyone else was almost finished their meal so we ended up watch her eat. They did nothing to compensate for this not-so-minor misstep.

      In all cases, but for the cold pasta incident, the food was alright, not great by any stretch and clearly a step down from the old Il Mulino according to all 4 of us this night. Not the same as the old Il Mulino used to visit. For the same quality and taste, we could get better elsewhere for less money. Wine, as before, was mostly marked up 300% (though I did manage to find one that was only ~200%!) or more. All in all, we have no plans to go back.