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Nov 23, 2009 11:18 AM

Recommendations for a restaurant for a business meeting (Midtown West/Hell's Kitchen)

I'm trying to set up a reservation for my boss for 5 people for a business meeting somewhere in Midtown Manhattan on November 30th. It does not need to be fancy, in fact, more moderate price-wise. What's more important is the space and probably that it's a little sexy-chic and hip. (He's a celebrity hair stylist launching a new product line). So basically a place that serves food, but isn't ridiculously expensive. Maybe even something new and up and coming? And a place that is open on Mondays and will either take reservations or have room for a table of 5 for a meeting?

Any good suggestions?

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    1. not sure your price point but db bistro might work for you.

      1. Depends what you deem expensive andif it is lunch or dinner.

        I suggest db Bistro or Marea.

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          These are great suggestions, though db and marea are probably just a tad above the desired price range... But I'll put them out there!

        2. Try Hell's Kitchen. It sounds like it might fit your criteria. Can't vouch for the food, but Room Service looks sexy-chic.

          1. Eatery? It's pretty tasty and cute inside!