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Nov 23, 2009 11:11 AM

Holiday Desserts-- Made Some Bacon Frosting

and it is sooooo good that it made me swoon.
Seriously. Every Thanksgiving, I'm the dessert person in the family. The past years, rather than go with pumpkin pie, I've done Ina Garten's pumpkin roulade (which is always a tremendous success)...last year I entertained the kids by making Chowhounds own Salted Caramel Frosting on chocolate cupcakes. This year, I've already made the salted caramel for the chocolate cupcakes and the vanilla cupcakes will be frosted with the bacon frosting.

My sons are big fans of "Bacon Explosion" so I thought it would be humourous to make some bacon frosting. It really IS the perfect combination of salty and sweet and I cannot wait to have the family's reaction--I can tell you my daughter absolutely refuses to try it!

So what about you guys--anyone making any "outside the box" desserts? Really curious!

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  1. PLEASE do post a recipe for the frosting. That is so messed up it's perfect! :-)

    1. Oh, I think this *definitely* deserves a bump, jarona!

      You know what? If this stuff really is good, in addition to the vanilla cupcakes, it could be *great* on maple cupcakes. Maple syrup and bacon are a match made in heaven (says this New English chauvinist).

      Yes! As mworld requested, please do post the recipe!

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        Here you go!

        Bacon Frosting
        One Pound Bacon
        1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter
        6 tablespoons heavy cream
        2 tablespoons Sour Cream
        2 tablespoon vanilla extract
        4 tablespoons maple syrup
        1 teaspoon salt
        3 cups confectioners sugar
        Sea Salt or Kosher Salt, for garnish—Whatever you have on hand.
        1. in a heavy skillet (I use cast-iron), cook bacon over low heat until fat is rendered and meat is crisp. When the bacon is really nice and crisp, take out and drain the bacon on a plate. Now Strain the bacon drippings into a bowl and take out 4 tablespoons bacon fat and place in bottom of mixer bowl. Put the other bacon fat into the fridge and use for future cooking.
        2. Return skillet to heat and add butter. Cook the butter till a “brown butter” consistency. Keep an eye on it as you don’t want it to burn. I’d say cook it about 15 min, stirring quite often—you’ll be able to smell the nuttiness of the butter then you will know it is done. Pour the butter into the mixer bowl with the bacon fat and let cool in the fridge about ½ hour.
        3 In separate bowl, combine the heavy cream, the sour cream, vanilla and maple syrup.
        4. Take out the mixer bowl and cream bacon fat and brown butter with salt until smooth. This will take a few minutes. At first you will say ‘’WTF???—this looks like cornmeal” Keep going—it’ll cream nicely—have patience. Add confectioner sugar and mix at medium speed until fluffy, It’s gonna take a while till it gets fluffy..a few minutes!!!. With mixer running, pour in milk mixture and continue mixing until smooth. Refrigerate until cold.
        5. Frost the cupcakes. With the bacon you cooked, chop it up into little bits and sprinkle the bacon and a little bit of the sea/kosher salt.

        6. This is not for everyone—but if it is for you—HAPPY SWOONING!

        1. re: jarona

          Thank you for posting this recipe. It sounds delicious!!