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Nov 23, 2009 11:02 AM

Two nights in Buffalo

I will be in Buffalo for two nights the week after Thanksgiving. I've never been before, but I have gathered that for wings I need to try Anchor Bar and maybe Duffs. I am sure there are other places for wings, so if there is a better place, let me know. Also, please tell me if there are other authentic local foods I should sample?



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  1. The general consensus among Buffalonians is that Anchor Bar is not much more than a tourist trap these days. If you want to say you ate wings where they originated, go for that reason alone. If you want to sample the best wings, try Duffs (Amherst location only) or Bar Bill (in East Aurora south of the city) - which serves the best is a hotly debated topic, but really comes down to your personal preference. If you're limited to the city, Gabriel's Gate and even Fat Bob's get good reviews, and are centrally located in the Allentown neighborhood.

    The other authentic local food you should try is the Beef on 'Weck. You can search this site for info regarding this local specality. If it sounds up your alley, the trip to Bar Bill might be worth it, since they have one of the best around. In the city, Ulrich's on Virginia and Ellicott has a great beef on 'weck and the atmosphere is good ol' Buffalo too.

    Searching this site will also yield a link to Bill Rappaport's Restaurant Guide. It can be somewhat useful if you are looking for specifics.

    1. Two other local specialties. You've got to have a hot dog at Ted's. Charcoal grilled, Sahlens hot dogs. When you order it, tell them "burn it", order with everything (they have a unique chunky hot sauce that is not too spicy). Also, amazing onion rings, Loganberry to drink.

      The other thing to try is sponge candy. Local specialty, available at all candy shops, but also very good from the world's best supermarket chain, Wegmans. Basically a caramelized sugar syrup (no dairy) taken to just near "burnt sugar", then a bit of baking soda is added which causes it to foam up before hardening. It's then coated in chocolate. The amazing thing about it is that, because the caramel is cooked so much, it loses much of it's sweetness, picks up a lot of complex flavor compounds. So it's very much an "adult" candy.

      1. Don't forget Andersons custard, and bocce pizza! For a great "Buffalo " lunch, my favorite is Coles on Elmwood, a classic.

        1. I should have specified this earlier, but I'm staying at the Hyatt without a car, so I'll need to walk or cab it everywhere. Perhaps someone I'm working with will get us out to Bar Bil). If there are any recs near the Hyatt, please pass them on.

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            Unless things have changed dramatically for the better lately, if you're in the heart of downtown, you're not within walking distance of anything, really.

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              Well, lets see....There's Papaya (Asian inspired), Rue Franklin, E.B Green's (at the hotel), or, as already suggested, use the 'Location" filter on

              Sea Bar isn't to could cab it...There are possibilities. Don't give up hope.

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                Yeah, eating well near the Hyatt isn't as hard as sbp implies. Bacchus, Rue Franklin, Sea Bar are a few of the fancier places (i.e. not wings) that you could easily walk to. For wings, I've heard that Century Grill downtown is good, but have not tried it personally. And you could always take a quick jaunt to Allentown or even take the "subway" up to the UB Main St. campus where there are some nice choices like Shango.

                Frankly, I don't view wings and weck in Buffalo as 'destination' food and would certainly avoid the Anchor Bar. So many bars do decent wings I'm usually looking for somewhere like Cole's (because of their excellent beer selection) who just happens to have decent wings.

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                  Houdini's right - it ain't so bad down by the Hyatt these days. Depending on the weather and your tolerance for walking, you'll do okay.

                  In addition to what others have mentioned, consider taking advantage of the free rail line that runs directly behind your hotel. In about 5-10 minutes, you can head up to Allen (ok...there's technically a fee when the train goes underground just before the Allen Street stop, but I took the train daily and never had anyone ask for a ticket...). Walk west a couple blocks on Allen, and you'll reach Colter Bay (ok stand in for Cole's with sizable beer selection), Gabriel's Gate (best wings around), Hardware (cool bar with bistro-ish food, good free live music), and Sample (excellent cocktails, small bites). Just off Allen is Fat Bob's Smokehouse, Mothers (a Buffalo institution), and Tempo (one of my favorite upscale restaurants).

                  Shouldn't be a problem to be down there.