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Olive oil from Crete in Toronto

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Please recommend where to buy olive oil from Crete in Toronto.
Compared to italian olive oil, this variety is much milder.

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  1. I believe there is a seller of olive oil from Crete in one of the middle stalls of St. Lawrence Market North.

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    1. re: DrewStar

      I think I know this one. It's organic and expensive. I was hoping to find a cheaper brand, maybe in Greek stores on Danforth..

    2. Chritine Cushing is selling olive oil from Crete. I believe that Longos carries her products.

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      1. re: LJS2

        Thank you! I already found her web-site and emailed her.

      2. Have you tried the Spartan Rolling Hills oils? Not from Crete, but a pretty good Greek Oil. (Good enough for McEwan to sell) I buy it at Fresh From The Farm.


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        1. re: foodyDudey

          I get organic unfiltered cold-pressed Greek single grower olive oil from Ralo Oil Oils:


          They sell online and at the St. Jacob's market and I've been told that there are a few retailers that carry their product. It is all Peloponnesean, not Cretan.

        2. I buy Cretan olive oil from Greek House Market located at 565 Danforth.

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            Thank you phoenikia. Greek House is very conveniently located. I'll pay them a visit one of these days.

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              I believe there's a place on Danforth, west of Donlands that specializes in Olives & olive oils.

          2. There is a coffee shop called Letteri (sp?) at Victoria and Adelaide that sells 2 types of Cretan olive oil (one organic) as well as balsamic from Crete. Can't recall the prices - sorry!