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Nov 23, 2009 10:36 AM

I hate to say it -- LoS a tad bit underwhelming...

I know I will catch a lot of flack for this, but I came away fairly underwhelmed. Both my man and I were really excited about this dinner, given the multitude of laurel this place has received.

Granted, being only two, we did not have a chance to sample a whole lot of dishes (I wish we had been a group of six or so), but we ordered three dishes that stood out on the boards here, namely:

the crispy rice/sour sausage appetizer which was OK, but not mindblowing. We had the catfish pieces salad, which was OK, but not mindblowing. Last but not least, we had the fried prawns with their shells on. They were nice, yes, but once again -- really not something I would travel 2,500 miles for.

Maybe we should've had one of their curries. The Panang duck was a candidate, but again -- we were limited to a few number of dishes. Maybe we should've had one of their seabass dishes. Who knows.

We still don't have dinner plans for Tuesday (our last night in Vegas), as we were hoping to win lots and lots of money to blow on L'Atelier hahaha. Just kidding. So we could go back. I'm just not sure whether it's worth it.

The place was hopping on a Sunday night, the service friendly, attentive, and everything was fresh and tasty. Maybe my expectations were too high.

Anywhos. Tonight, we got a rez at Raku. Hopefully, we'll be far more impressed.

Lotus of Siam
953 E Sahara Ave Ste A5, Las Vegas, NV 89104

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  1. Did you really travel 2500 miles to eat at LOS? Seriously, I think one problem with restaurants that get a lot of hype on the board is that expectations can get built all out of proportion. I know I ate at a place in LA that everyone had praised to the absolute sky and beyond, and I came away thinking that it was good, but certainly not mindblowing.

    That said, I've really enjoyed my dinners at LOS, and you didn't mention what I consider to be one of its greatest strengths: its wonderful and very fairly priced wine list. If you do go back and are a wine drinker, don't miss it. (and ask for advice, the servers really know the list or will send over someone who does).

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    1. re: susancinsf

      Well, no. Of course I didn't fly 2,500 miles just to eat at LoS.

      But I think you're right -- having too high expectations for anything is not good. I find it works the same for movies. Again, it was nice food. Didn't get a chance to explore the wine list, as we were in a beer mood. Stone Indian Pale Ale all the way :-D

    2. I think you will see that LOS has gotten mixed reviews on Chowhounds.

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        Put me down for underwhelmed. Granted I am but a lowly visitor and only had dinner there a couple of nights ago. The food was just okay. None of the 3 dishes and bowl of soup were outstanding. The best dish was a rice noodle dish that was very flavorful but fell short of excellent because the chicken was so tough and dry. With that dryness, it would have been better served if the chicken was cut up in smaller pieces. I looked forward to trying a northern thai dish and ordered the jack fruit curry which was nothing like curry at all. Granted this was explained to us while ordering. Still the dish itself wasn't particularly memorable.

        1. re: tdonline

          In 2008, we had a really bad first experience - I wrote about it at

          As expected, there were for and against opinions. Since I live in Los Angeles and we have many good restaurants (two in particular that we like are Jitlada in Thai town for northern Thai menu, and our local Saladang and Saladang Song in Pasadena), I am not keen on going back to LoS for second opinion. I have read recently that it is often a very long wait to get in.
          I am headed out to Vegas on Thursday on a family trip and am planning to go to Namaste Indian cuisine (folks from India - preference for vegetarian Indian menu - though not all are vegetarians) - next door to LoS. Will look to see if the crowds are unabated at LoS.

          1. re: suvro

            Just got back from Vegas. We went to Namaste Indian restaurant, next door to LoS on Thursday evening for dinner. LoS was not crowded - it looked somewhat empty.
            (Namaste was also empty for that matter)

      2. LOS is s good restaurant. the crispy rice/sour sausage appetizer I think that is a great dish. That being said LOS is not a fly 2500 mile restaurant, few are. I think its probably the best Thai food in Vegas. That being said It's not El Bulli, The Fatted Duck or French laundry..ect. That being said those places get a lot of "not what I was expecting" reviews as well.

        Solid Thai restaurant that offers a lot of non-typical Thai dishes

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          LOS is Ok, but certainly not to great.