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Nov 23, 2009 08:57 AM

Pho Dau Bo (Finch West location)

Thanks for the chow tips on Pho Dau Bo (Finch W location). I now go regularly for lunch and thoroughly enjoy their Pho. I have yet to try anything else on their menu. Does anybody familiar with this spot have any recommendations for other dishes? I am generally an adventurous eater and love spicy food.


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  1. I'm heading to the Finch West location tomorrow. I'm sure I will have pho, but, like Amac, I'm curious to know if anything else stands out from the vast menu. There are some appetizers that sound intriguing, but where to start? Has anyone had the salad with beef jerky or the green papaya salad? What about Banh Beo Bi? I've only tried these once, in Hue, Vietnam and they were yummy. If anyone has gone beyond pho and bun bo hue, please comment on your experiences.

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      is there any banh xiao there? ( viet crepes)

      1. re: Pigurd

        Not according to the takeout menu, though it is definitely possible that it's on the eat-in menu, as banh xeo does not travel well and should be eaten immediately upon arrival at the table.

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          I had lunch with my SO yesterday at Pho Dau Bo and really enjoyed it, for the most part. I have one complaint and would love some insight from others regarding the descriptions for certain types of beef in the phos. I'm on a quest for my perfect pho and the one at Pho Dau Bo is close, but not quite there. I ordered one with rare beef and brisket. What arrived was medium rare (no big deal. I'll ask for the meat on the side next time), and a handful of stringy blobs of pure fat, with absolutely no meat attached to them, whatsoever. Surely this is not what brisket is supposed to be. Was I shafted? I'm looking for super tender long, slow cooked meat. I know to expect some fat, which I'll happily pull away and discard, but to receive all fat and no meat? This seems wrong. The pho was otherwise fantastic. The flavour was intense, the colour was good, and with the herbs added, it smelled incredible. Were it not for the pile of fat globs that I completely discarded, I'd be thrilled with my bowl. I was also a little irked that they didn't bring me a chile pepper or two with my herb plate, but when I asked, they brought a bunch, so it was no big deal. My SO had a bun (vermicelli bowl) with sauteed beef with lemongrass, which was sensational. The beef was tasty and of good quality and there was abundant mint, which is frequently absent at some other restaurants. I might have to have that next time.

          My question is: which meat is the one I want? Is it chin (well-done beef), nam (well-done flank) or gau (brisket)?

          Pigurd, I checked the menu and there is no banh xeo. I hear Pho Phuong makes a good one. Have you tried it there?

          Pho Phuong
          1603 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6K1T9, CA

          1. re: 1sweetpea

            i havent been to pho phuong before, if i am ever in the area il ltry it...

            i tried pho dau bo recently and thought it was good, i loaded it with the pickled scotch bonnets and made my self quite sweaty... hehe

            i noticed there is takeout place right beside pho dau bo that had banh xiao advertised outside, has anyone tried it?

    2. I had the same problem when ordering the pho chin, gau 2 wks ago. Added Ve Don (tendon brisket not loaded with fat)which was good value for extra $2. Lots of meat with a good balance of tendon/membrane.
      The gau at Pho Mi Asia is very tender and lean. But the Ve Don is little meat with tons of tendon/membrane.

      Pho Mi Asia
      1008 Wilson Ave, Toronto, ON M3K1G6, CA