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Nov 23, 2009 08:54 AM

Frank's Steaks in Rye Ridge - any news of a replacement?

I guess it's a sign of Frank's being generally unloved that I can't seem to find any comment on the Rye Ridge location's closure... It never reopened after their normal summer hiatus, and The Husband called the Jericho location who confirmed it was closed for good.

Still, there's been no movement in the place, all the tables and fixtures are still intact by the look of things - tables are even set! Wondering if there's going to be a new tenant anytime soon?

I'm not sorry it's gone I guess - I'd had a couple of distinctly average (yet magnificently overpriced) meals there. But then, any business folding in the neighborhood is always a downer.

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  1. Wow. I didn't realize it was gone. I thought that it was a popular place to go in Rye. I had been to the one on Long Island many times when I lived there.

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    1. re: kaaaassss

      i truly love the one in jericho, but found this place to be nowhere as good. and no one was ever in there.

      lets hope something good comes in!

      1. re: mark r

        suprised it lasted as long as it's a nice space...what would go good there?

      2. re: kaaaassss

        Kaas, I think you are confusing Frank's Steaks, rather universally unloved, in Rye Brook with Frankie & Johnnie's a fairly well reviewed steakhouse in Rye on Purchase St?