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Nov 23, 2009 08:13 AM

chicken liver pate with pastis?

I am making chicken liver pate for the first time. Have a recommended recipe that I plan to follow but it calls for bourbon. I only have Pastis in the house. The taste seems like it would work well but don't want to make a total bomb. Anyone experimented with these flavors before? Would love any and all advice.



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  1. I have seen other recipes that use sherry. Not positive on this, but maybe a preference of flavor is all you need to answer your question.

    Just this weekend I thought to myself: 'I want to try to make chopped liver'. Are you willing to share your recipe?

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    1. re: Mike CP

      I am making the Bourbon Chicken Liver Pate from epicurious:

      Friend recommended using less butter while cooking and when we made it together we did not put the butter on top.

      I also love chopped liver (with hard boiled egg) but don't have a recipe for that. The above recipe is very smooth and the veggies are cooked. This is making me hungry!

      1. re: ruthie_1000

        Awesome. I will most likely try with whatever bourbon I happen to have in the house at the time, unless other suggestions appear before I have a chance to try. I too will leave out the butter topping.

    2. i'm not lovin' the pastis in liver pate idea. i think the flavors would clash. there is a thread that may have some thoughts on the combo....but i'm not sure.

      here are ideas with liver & fennel:

      i use cognac.

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      1. re: alkapal

        Pastis and fennel are both licorice flavors, so I don't see why one would work with liver but the other would clash. I just made a vietnamese style pate with five spice powder, which has lots of star anise (another licorice flavor) and it was fine. Pastis in pate should be quite tasty. Different from using bourbon, but tasty.

        A side note: to me, using butter in pate sounds really weird. Lard (fresh rendered, not the supermarket bricks) or duck fat would be more appropriate, also healthier in terms of unsaturated fats.

        1. re: Zeldog

          i know that pastis, fennel and licorice have similar flavors. the licorice, fennel etc. thread was in fact started by me.

          i have never made the liver with any of those flavors, and i cannot imagine the flavor combo. in my mind's eye (mind's tongue?), i was not feelin' the love from liver and pastis.

          in my post, my point in adding the googled link was that OTHERS thought *fennel* went with liver, and i was assuming that the OP would understand that i was alluding to *her* idea to use pastis in her liver pate.

          i'm glad that you, zeldog, were happy with your star anise flavor in your liver pate. maybe ruthie will try it. if you do, ruthie, i'd try it in just a small portion of the batch as a test run, before you commit to the concept for the whole pate.
          i've used butter in liver pate, for sure; and i'm not worried about any small relative "health" benefits of lard vs. butter in liver pate. ;-).

          1. re: Zeldog

            i always use butter in chicken liver paté and it's delicious. as much as i like pastis and licorice flavors in general, i too don't feel like the combo would blow my dress up. brandy or sherry are my usual suspects for booze in this case.