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Nov 23, 2009 07:57 AM

Hot Chocolate: Marshmallow or Whipped Cream?

For you people who enjoy hot chocolate or hot cocoa, do you prefer to add marshmallow and whipped cream? If so, which one? and why?

I enjoy hot chocolate in various forms. I like it creamy sometime and I like it thin and chocolaty other times. Between marshmallow and whipped cream, I think I enjoy whipped cream slightly more, but I am ok either way and usually I drink mine without either.

Another thing, why do people insist on using 2% or 1% low fat milk for their hot chocolate if they are going to add whipped cream and marshmallow?

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  1. none of the above... good milk, good sweetener and good chocolate is enough!

    1. neither. I would rather have a bigger size of the hot chocolate than waste calories on marshmallow (yuck) or whipped cream.

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          1. re: iluvcookies

            me too, after the whipped cream melts a little I add the marshmallows.

        1. If someone were worried about fat and not sugar, they might go for 1% milk and marshmallows, but whipped cream would make no sense.

          1. For me it depends on the chocolate. For dark chocolate, I prefer whipped cream. For a milk chocolate, I prefer marshmallows.
            My hot chocolate is made with skim milk because it's what I keep on hand, but I wouldn't insist on it if someone else were making the drink.
            Mmmm, think I must go turn down the a/c and make some hot chocolate now.

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            1. re: hippiechickinsing

              "turn down the a/c and make some hot chocolate now"

              heh heh heh