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Nov 23, 2009 07:55 AM

Plum Pudding

I'm going to attempt to make Plum Pudding for Christmas. I found a recipe that looks interesting. I went out and bought a mold this morning. I need to get started because the pudding needs to age for a few weeks before you eat it.

This recipe calls for rum (or cognac)…a lot of rum.

Any suggestions on what type of rum I should use? Light? Dark? ?

Any and all help will be appreciated.

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  1. Dark rum (or brandy) is the traditional booze in a British Christmas plum pudding.

    You do need to be cracking on with it. Yesterday was what we call "Stir-up Sunday" - the day when, traditionally, the pudding, mincemeat and cake are made. Or, if this is the Harters household "Sleep in Sunday" - as we get all these from the supermarket.