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Aborted Flushing Dim Sum Trip Salvaged by East-Meets-West Baked Goods

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My partner and I were meeting up with friends in Flushing for Dim Sum Sunday but at the last minute received a call on our cell letting us know they couldn't find a parking space anywhere.

Note to All - If you haven't been to Flushing lately, make friends with the 7 train or, if you REALLY want to drive, be prepared to walk 10 to 15 minutes from the outskirts to get to where the action is.

We ended up meeting our friends at a diner somewhere else later on but since we felt a little cheated out of our Flushing fix, we checked out the fairly new Queens Crossing Mall. Peculiar layout and decor inside but we got a bunch of stuff to go from Paris Baguette located right on the street level.

Paris Baguette is apparently a chain of Korean-owned bakeries offering their take on French pastries. When I did a search on Chowhound I found that someone stated that it had been almost universally panned. I didn't find that to be true on the Chowhound boards (perhaps I didn't search enough?) and I have to say that everything we tried from there this Sunday was magnifique!

I've been to a bakery like this before (Cafe Parisienne I think, on Main Street in Fort Lee, NJ) but I like Paris Baguette much better. All the baked goods here tasted fresh and the ingredients were shown on the tray labels so that the sometimes unusual names weren't a complete mystery.

(I LOVE getting to eat something called, "scorched rice cake!")

I didn't have any coffee or other kind of drink there so I can't make any comment about that but, every pastry I sampled from the pumpkin bean paste-filled thingy to the cinnamon sugar "triangle toast" was something I'd have again sometime.

If you're in Flushing and want a little desserty pick-me-up, I say check it out. There's a website the gives you an address http://www.parisbaguetteusa.com/ but the easiest way to find it is that it's right across from the Jade Asian dim sum place on 38th Avenue.

Oh, and "scorched rice cake" is a long crunchy flatbread thing with sliced almonds on top and it's just a little sweet.


Glendale is hungry...

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  1. You are so right on the parking. We met at Jade Sunday and it took me almost as long to find a spot in the big lot as it did to drive from Ct. BTW the dim sum at Jade was really great. We all had a great time.