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Nov 23, 2009 07:40 AM

Turkey....Which brands do you guys like and where can you get them?

I need help....Tell me where to get the best bird at any price in FFC.

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  1. Heritage birds (Bourbon Red or Standard Bronze) from Other than these heirloom breeds, essentially all other turkeys are the same overbred and tasteless Broad Breasted White breed & it makes little to no difference what brand you get (provided its been properly handled, of course).

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    1. re: rjbh20

      You're bumming me out!

      Overbred and tasteless.....Sounds like Thanksgiving alright. Add in a couple of whackadoo guests to complete the Rockwellian picture:)

      1. re: shark_attack

        Stew Leonards (your nemesis) has Fresh "All Natural" and "Naked" Turkeys ($1.29 & $2.69/lb respectively). Better go at 6AM if you've waited to last minute to avoid crowds. Had the "All Natural" last year, nothing special, and only LARGE sizes available last minute. Went today 10AM for something else (already a mob scene), plenty of both available, but Naked also available in smaller sizes. This year I am trying Whole Foods equivalent of "Naked," which is free range @ $1.99/lb, and which I've ordered ahead. So, can't comment yet on that. Good luck!

    2. I went to the Fresh Market website and it looks like they have Bell & Evans turkey. The B&E chickens are always very good. I also see that they have Turducken...I've only ever seen these on the Food Network, and I'm dying to try it, but I've already planned my dinner. Good luck in your search.