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Where Are the Best Wine Shops in Seattle or Eastside?

I'm a wine freak, but I love 'finds,' cool warehouse shops filled with gems that not everyone knows about. Where in the Seatttle (preferably the Eastside) can I find a place like that? Need to go shopping for Thanksgiving!

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    1. The Grape Choice in Kirkland http://www.thegrapechoice.com/ they have a good selection and will be happy to steer you in whatever direction best suits your needs.

      1. In my experience, Pike and Western has the most knowledgeable, passionate staff and good selection of top notch wines at all price points:


        Esquin would be my second choice, very large inventory and very good prices:


        McCarthy & Schiering has a great reputation by I don't get to their shops very often, not in the last 10 years at least. But excellent.

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          I would ditto this. These were the two I had in mind when I read this question! They both consistently carry some of our favorite small cellar wines.

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            Yes, Pete's Wine has great selections. It's somewhat hard to find at first, being located on what can be described as an alley though it is a designated street.

            Another wine shop is Seattle Wine, also located in Bellevue (1950 130th Avenue NE). They have wine tastings every weekend and their prices are excellent.


          2. Too late for thanksgiving but there is this place http://www.wineshoppes.net/hawkslandi... There are two locations, the one in Renton is pretty small. Havent stopped in yet so I don't have any other information on it.

            1. I have always enjoyed the Vineyard on Greenwood in Seattle. Wine tastings every Wednesday and a palate that I can trust.


              1. My mate and I are really liking Vino Verite in Capitol Hill. On 208 Boylston, just up Olive before you get to Broadway going East. Very affordable and they have great informative Tastings. Nice place to stop on the way home after work and try a new $10 wine that will make your evening. The staff is super cool and very helpful. Definitely a nice discovery for us on our walks home from the bus! www.vinoverite.com

                1. Fles Wine Shop in Gilman Village is great and they have wine tastings every Saturday (there's a sparkling wine & oyster tasting coming up on a Friday before Christmas as well) http://www.fleswine.com/. If you go even further east to Roslyn, there's a great shop there called Vintage Vine that combines a great selection of wines with antiques. http://www.vintage-vine.com/

                  1. Gallery Wine & Art Wine Bar in Kirkland on Market Street.

                    (Also, Fles Wine in Issaquah has closed down). :(

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                      I would second Esquin for selection and expertise. There is the relatively new Wine World Warehouse in Wallingford which bills itself as the largest wine shop in the NW. It was the brainchild of David LeClair. I like McCarthy and Schiering a lot as well (Capitol Hill and Ravenna). Pike and Western was mentioned. They are great and do a lot with a small space. They also get allocations of some hard to find wines. I also like Champion Cellars, which has been around since 1969 and has a lot of unusual bottles. On Ballard Ave I like the selection and style of Portalis. For Spanish and Portuguese wine including sherry and port absolutely Spanish Table is tops.

                      Just over a few block on Lander as you get close to Airport Way is the HQ for Garagiste. This is mailing list operation run by a guy named John Rimmerman. He has gotten tons of press and been called wine retailer of the year in several past years by Wine Enthusiast. This is from intowine.com's Top 100 most influential people in the wine industry list just released this month. " 57- Jon Rimmerman: is often credited with sparking the “email offer” revolution in fine wine sales. Rimmerman started Garagiste on a shoestring budget of just $500 with a simple concept: to bring the winemaker and consumer closer together by taking advantage of a then-new technology known as the email offer. Offering wines described in story form, Garagiste ranks in over $25 million in annual sales with over 100,000 subscribers."