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Nov 23, 2009 07:31 AM

Near Gallaudet


I will be coming to DC for the first time next week and staying at the Courtyard Marriott at New York and Florida Aves. I won't have too much time in the evenings for a decadent dinner but I would like to eat well! Any thoughts on great dinners in that area?

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  1. I've heard good things about Litteriā€™s Italian Deli, but I haven't been there yet myself. They are said to do great sandwiches, but they close during the afternoon.

    For dinner, Granville Moore's at 12th and H is a short cab ride. They do great moules and frites ($10 mussels Mon. 5-7).

    A Litteri
    517 Morse St NE, Washington, DC

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      Granville Moore's looks like fun. But Litteri's closes too early to get to for dinner. Anything else nearby for dinner? I'll be in the area for three nights.

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        Granville Moore's is wonderful - I think you'll really like it. By the way, of the varieties of moules I've tried there, I like the mushroom the best. Near Granville Moore's are Taylor Gourmet, which has wonderful Philly-style hoagies, and Horace and Dickie's Seafood Carry-out - their fried fish sandwich is highly regarded and cheap, but I have yet to try it. I haven't been to the H St. location of Taylor Gourmet (I've only been to the Mt. Vernon Square one), but I assume it's a nice place to sit and eat. Try doing a search for "H St. NE" and you'll turn up a lot of suggestions. Hopefully, other chowhounds on the board who know this neighborhood better than I do will chime in!

        If you get on the Metro (red line) at Gallaudet, your dinner options really open up in a very big way. But as you mentioned you'll be short on time in the evenings, this may not work for you. Unfortunately, the area near Gallaudet doesn't have the plethora of places to eat that other areas do.

        Taylor Gourmet
        1116 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002

    2. I'm a Hill resident. There's not a great deal around your neighborhood although there is a new Five Guys burgers if you're looking for something cheap and close near the Metro. Not sure what else is close.

      Taxi or the easily accessible 90/92/93 buses are your friends. If you head South you will eventually go down 8th street and you can get off at 8th and H northeast. Walk East and you will hit a number of places to eat including the ones suggested below. If you like kind of goofy American style Sushi you could also check out Sticky Rice. For Indoor golf and passable Mexican, go to H Street Country Club. If you stay on the bus, you will eventually get to 8th Street S.E. which is near Eastern Market. The new Matchbox is down there for pizza. There's a turkish place that I like who's name is escaping me.

      If you head North on the bus, you will go to U Street and past that to Adams Morgan. There are a number of places on U, but I personally like Ethiopian at Etete (9th + U) or Dukem (12th and U). I also like Tabaq which would give you a nice view of the city with middle eastern mezza.

      Hope this is helpful.

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      1. re: caphilldc

        In addition to Five Guys, right by the Marriott there's also K-Young's (Korean takeout), Jam Doung (Jamaican), and Yum's (American Chinese). None are destination spots, but all are fine if you don't want to leave the area and don't mind hole-in-the-wall places; I haven't been to any of them for dinner, but I *think* they are all open in the evening. If you want great food, though, you're going to have to leave that area, as others suggest.

        (If your stay will overlap with Saturday morning, though, check out Catania Bakery, very near the Marriott; they make the desserts for places like Litteri, and you can get them fresh from their retail store on Saturday mornings.)

        1. re: sweth

          Korean Take out??

          Like bulgogi, bibimpap?

          1. re: WestIndianArchie

            Yep, K-Youngs has both of those, plus pajeon and a few soups, and a smattering of decent panchan--it's not great Korean food, but good enough, especially for the area. It's easy to miss--it's at I think 4th and Morse, and the sign just says "DELI"; they do diner food and some "Mexican" food (to cater to construction folks in the area, I think), but the Korean food is the reason to go there. Let them know if you want things spicy, as they'll Americanize it otherwise.

            (It's been a while since I've been there, but it's probably the place I would go first if I had to eat in that specific area.)

      2. P.S. take a look at the Frozen Tropics blog to get some restaurant ideas about H street (and if there's anything on Florida, they'll cover it).

        1. Granville Moore's and Sticky Rice are H Street favorites.

          Your hotel is RIGHT on the Metro Red line too. Literally has a Metro station attached to it. You should feel free to take the Red line three stops to the Chinatown/Penn Quarter/Gallery Place area, which is chock full of places to eat.