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Nov 23, 2009 07:13 AM

Xmas in Scottsdale

Hi all,

We are TX hounds visiting the Scottsdale/Carefree area the week of Christmas... Looking for suggestions for any meal but mostly dinners for four nights.

We will be primarily hiking with a spa day thrown in the mix, so hopefully staying in the area for the most part. Willing to drive 30 min. or so for a good meal... Type of food not important - we like almost anything, but definitely want it to be delicious and memorable.

I've done some research and have a workable list, but I'd love for you to help me narrow it down or for more suggestions:

-The Mission
-Latilla (in our hotel - not sure if it's worth a try, but might be the only thing open for Xmas night or Xmas eve)

And maybe the following for breakfast/lunch: Cafe Bink, Heart and Soul Cafe

Last time we were in Scottsdale we ate at Sassi and had a wonderful meal. I've since heard some not-so-great reviews of the place, so I'm wondering what the story is...

Any other resorts/hotel restaurants we should be sure to hit? Do you guys know of places that will be open on Xmas eve/Xmas night?

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. The Herb Box's DC Ranch location is worthy of consideration for breakfast, lunch, or a casual dinner.

    The Herb Box at DC Ranch
    20707 N Pima Road, Scottsdale, AZ

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      1. Skip Latilla, not worth it. I like your other choices and suggest Over Easy for a great breakfast, Tonto Bar and Grill for Lunch (dinner is good too).

        1. Thank you all so much - this is exactly the kind of tweaking I need!

          Any more suggestions welcome...


          1. Cafe Bink is a great choice for breakfast, especially if you're here on a Sunday - the only day of the week they make eggs benedict. Service is leisurely so plan on spending some time there. Over Easy down on Bell Rd. is okay for a super quick, no frills, fill you to the brim breakfast...after a good wait for a table. They're pretty new and seem to still be getting up to speed, because the service and food has been inconsistent. The Mission in central Scotts. has great atmosphere and great food. And great margaritas. Sassi is still awfully good even since they lost their chef. I think the mixed reviews are partly driven by what people think they get for their money there.