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Saffron Gin

Has anyone tried Saffron Gin an if so - your opinions. Thanks in advance.

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  1. had some Old Raj saffron gin once, quite spicy and enjoyable, with strong cardamom notes iirc

    1. Do you mean Cadenhead's Old Raj or the newer Gabriel Boudier’s saffron infused gin? I had the Boudier's recently, but it was at the end of a long night and I didn't write any notes.

      The Cadenhead's Old Raj is a very nice gin, but not worth the price. This is what I thought of it several years ago. But since then I have come to think less of it.

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        Is Boudier's saffron gin available in the U.S.? I saw it in the airport store in Nice last year and was intrigued, but didn't want to bother lugging it around. Now I haven't been able to find it here (though supposedly they got a U.S. distributor) and am kicking myself.

      2. The Gabriel Boudier saffron gin is the best I have found, really comes through in a martini.

        1. It's easy to do yourself. One bartender here in Boston makes his own with Beefeater and a few threads of saffron:


          1. Yes - 2 thumbs up. Great with tonic and twist of lime.

            1. Anyone know the chances of finding Old Raj or Gabriel Boudier's in Vegas?

              Can't find Junipero here, either, though I suppose Lee's could order it for me.

              1. I got the Gabriel Boudier Saffron gin at the duty free in Paris a few years ago. It's made in France and it's wonderful, with an incredible color. It was very reasonably priced at the duty free. Have not been able to find it in Los Angeles.

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                  Hi-Time Wine in Costa Mesa has it, I saw it there on the shelf on 1/21/13. This place is worth the drive at least once, it has everything you could find at K&L Wines (Hollywood) or Beverage Warehouse (Marina Del Rey) plus much more. I saw some items on the shelves that I hadn't found on the website, so it pays to go in person, though they also ship. The prices are quite low.

                  1. I made a nice "Rock and Rye" style liqueur using a yellowish gin from Quebec (purchased at Duty Free at the Canadian border), some saffron rock candy, and some citrus slices. It's a fun drink.