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BREAKFAST you fast we all want to break fast in SANTA MONICA!

I'm at the Fairmont in Santa Monica which is on the corner of Ocean and Wilshire. Where should we eat breakfast? My brother wants "amazing pancakes" and I would like eggs benedict. We want a place that we can say "wow these are the best pancakes ever!". Help please!

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  1. I like Bread and Porridge at 2315 Wilshire. The banana-pecan pancakes are quite delicious (as are the blueberry ones)

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        You might walk down to Cora's on Ocean (south of your hotel about 8 tenths of a mile).


    1. The usual suspects in SM:

      Bread & Porridge
      Snug Harbor

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        I love Snug Harbor because it's a real trip back in time, in a really good way.

      2. Not sure if they have amazing pancakes, and I've only been for breakfast once, but La Grande Orange has a good egg sandwich on their home made English muffins. I assume their other breakfast offerings are good as well. And if you venture into Marina Del Rey, Nichols restaurant has very good pancakes.

        1. The Brickhouse in Venice, not fancy, a locals joint that's fun, but fine eggs benedict - don't know about pancakes.
          Favorite breakfast in the area is still the French Market on Abbott Kinney between Venice and Washington. Wonderfully french with a nice patio, interesting customers, but obviously no eb, pancakes or potatoes. Breakfast & lunch daily, dinner th-sun.

          1. Snug Harbor or Huckleberry

            1. I know one of my pancake fiend friend's favorite pancakes are at Pacific Dining Car. Breakfast can be pricey there, but he has taken me there a couple of times on a pancake itch.

              I second Bread and Porridge and Snug Harbor as good options as well.

              If it were a weekend, or you wanted to eat at 11, I'd recommend 26 Beach.

              If a German apple pancake is in the mix, try 3 Square in Venice.

              1. We ate at bread and porridge. It was delicious and everyone was pleasantly surprised. I couldn't order the eggs benedict because it is only served on weekends. My brother loved his banana pecan pancakes but wished that there were actual pieces of the aforementioned ingredients instead of just the flavor. The portions were pretty huge and the red roasted potatoes were delicious and I don't usually like potatoes. My one complaint is that it was a bit pricey and bacon and toast were sold separately as side dishes. I think toast should come with all egg dishes. I had the spinach omelet which was quite tasty but a little greasy. I think if I go again I will ask them to use as little butter/oil as possible. My omelet was so huge though that I couldn't finish it. The service was nice and attentive. All in all a good meal and experience.

                Thanks for the recommendations!!! I will try another place this morning, probably in Venice since we fell in love with that area last night.