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Nov 23, 2009 06:00 AM

Lunch when visiting Versailles

We are going by ourselves to Versailles on Christmas eve and are wondering what to do about lunch. Very little posted here about where to eat. Other posters have recommended the expensive Gordon Ramsay restaurants (cheapest main at La Veranda is $39 US, cheapest main at Trianon is $82 US), and say that the restaurant at Versailles is lousy. We think it will be chilly for a picnic outside. Any more affordable suggestions?

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  1. Vié's Le Potager du Roy. But chosing Christmas' Eve makes things even more difficult. Almost all good little bistrots will be closed (I don't know whether this one will).

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      Thanks Souphie. I called and in my horrible French determined that they are indeed closed on December 24. Any other suggestions?

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        Grab a good sanwidch, salads and baked goods from Julien's. Stop in a café to eat them if the weather is not nice.

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          It may sound counter-intuitive, but coming back on the train towards St Lazare (10-15 minutes) are two restos in the upscale Hotel Les Etangs de Corot in the Ville d'Avray where Benoit Bordier (ex-Chez Jean) runs Le Corot (fancy). We enjoyed our meal there and plan to go back to the second place, Le Cafe des Artistes (less fancy) ASAP.
          Because it's a Châteaux et Hôtels de France I suspect one or both places may well be open Christmas eve day.

          John Talbott

          John Talbott

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          Souphie, do you have a link for this resto? I want to make a reservation for lunch when we're at Versailles...but I can't find it.

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            1, rue Maréchal-Joffre
            Versailles (78000), France
            Tél :
            Fax :