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Nov 23, 2009 05:00 AM

Looking for Old Amsterdam brand cheese in Toronto

I'm looking for some shops that stock Old Amsterdam cheese. A friend of mine from Amsterdam recommended this brand for their Gouda. Can any one help? :)

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  1. I bought some last week at Loblaws at Dupont and Christie. Beemster is better but a bit more $$$.

    1. They have it at Alex Farm Products. I have seen it at both Danforth and Beaches stores. Not cheap, tho...

      1. I would recommend st. Lawrence market cheese stores.

        1. I'm living in Markham. Any recommendations on where I might find this brand of Gouda?

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          1. re: BDD888

            I would suggest Olympic Cheese Factory Outlet. They have a great variety of chesses.
            7780 WOODBINE AVE, MARKHAM, ON L3R 2N7
            Phone: 905-944-8676

              1. re: knusprig

                They DO carry Old Amsterdam. Just in case any one else is looking for this brand. $40.00 for I think a pound?

                1. re: BDD888

                  I maybe be too late, but I saw a groupon for Niemyer imports yesterday in case you want to buy some more cheese.

                  1. re: sweetie

                    "groupon"? Is that like a "coupon"? And no you're not too late. Haven't been to the shop yet. Only 10 minutes away from where I live. :)

                    1. re: BDD888

                      Sorry, I meant that the Groupon is only on sold for a limited time, like one day or two days. I just checked, it is too late the Niemyer groupon is no longer available. A groupon is these websites that work with restaurants and retailers. They come up with some kind of discount, but you have to buy a "groupon" to get the discount. For instance I paid the website Groupon $15 and I got a voucher that is worth $30 at the featured restaurant. there are lots and lots of these sites around. I use, because they list a lot os different deals on that site.

                      1. re: sweetie

                        Ok thanks "sweetie". Will be picking up some Old Amsterdam from them anyway. Discount or not. :) But thanks for the heads up.