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Nov 23, 2009 12:08 AM

Full Fondue Dinner

Being from BC, I have many memories of fine fondue dinners in Whistler. Is there anywhere in Toronto metro area where one can I find a great fondue dinner (i.e. cheese, meat, and dessert fondues)? Thanks.

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  1. There's not much in TO.

    There are a few places with one of the three mentioned above, but unfortunately, there are no longer any dedicated fondue restaurants in TO. I think the best bets are Caren's Wine Bar, Beer Bistro, or Barberians. I have resorted to buying a rechaud and making it at home. My traditional fondue is was better than anthing I've had in a restaurant anyway :-)

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      sadly, there is nothing here.
      the best bet is to have chinese fondue which would be meat and veggies (no cheese or dessert)

    2. I salivate thinking about our annual fondue meal at Bavaria in Whistler. What I've had in Toronto has been really poor compared to what can be experienced out west or at La Savoie in Tremblant. The few offerings have been listed but you're really better off just doing it yourself at home.