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Four Days in Kansas City for all your can eat!

Hello everyone,

I have been online searching for some new great "whole in the wall" favs during my visit to KC, MO in December. I am there usually once a year and my old standbys are Strouds, Gates, Arthur Bryants, Classic Cookie, Succotash and a great littel lunch joint in Lawrence.

This time in addtion I am looking for some new places maybe some from the show DDD on the Food Network or some of yours. I am espcially interested in homemade breakfast places(biscuits and gravy), Red Velvet cupcakes, BBQ and local southern food.

If you want to add any other travel tips go right ahead!!!!!



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  1. Best breakfast, hands down, is Room 39 at 39th and Bell. Every single thing on the menu makes you want to cry. And lunch and dinner are just as good. Best restaurant in Kansas City, by far.

    If you get to the Northland, go to Roxanne's diner in Parkville. Excellent biscuits and gravy. I usually get the "Stacker," which is more food than I really need, though it's the smallest thing on the menu!

    If you know barbecue by visits to Gates and Bryant's, please treat yourself to something that I think is much better. Go to Oklahoma Joe's (the location on 47th and Mission in KCK) or Danny Edwards on Southwest Boulevard. Or, heck, even Jack Stack in the Crossroads or Martin City.

    Try Souperman at 18th and Main at lunch. Or Twenty 20, at 21st and Baltimore (I think). Great salads and sandwiches, served by wonderfully nice people.

    1. Breakfast on Saturday or Sunday at RJ's Bob-B-Q in Mission. http://www.kansastravel.org/rjsbbqsha...

      BBQ at LC's in Kansas City, Missouri.

      Southern food at the Peach Tree Buffet in Kansas City, MO..

      Grannies Chicken Ranch in Kansas City, Kansas serves food in the spirit of Strouds and without the long waits for a table..

      Try the frog legs or fried oysters at Mad Jack's Fresh Fish in Kansas City, Kansas http://www.kansastravel.org/kansascit...

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        Frog Legs?!! I'm there next weekend! Thanks for the tip.

      2. Add Okalahoma Joe's to your BBQ collection - if you go Jack Stack get Cheesey corn Bake and their beans (fries/slaw are just that).
        - for breakfast, try YJ's in the Crossroads (kind of like Succotash, but tiny, tiny), or Mama's Diner (used to be called Bell St. Mama's feat.. on DDD, or another one of those shows on FN) for breakfast..
        Red Velvet cupcakes can be found at Babycakes in the River Market (near Succotash). Or, Cupcake Ala Mode is new and West of Plaza (don't know if they have red velvet, but their cupcakes are better than Babycakes, IMHO).

        SOUTHERN: Niecie's restaurant serves ham & beans, pig ear sandwiches, chicken and dressing.., biscuits & Gravy
        5932 Prospect, Kansas City, MO
        There are photos of most of the food on roadfood.com.


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          i think i just read niecie's moved to Troost - 64th & Troost.

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            Alas, there are no Red Velvet at Cupcake a la Mode, only vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with flavored icing. Still good (but not more than good). Supposedly the chain M&S Grill was voted the best red velvet cake in KC, but I think my mom's is better.

            You should try Christopher Elbow for some excellent chocolates. I take all of my out-of-towners to C.E. for the edible art. http://www.elbowchocolates.com/

            I would second the recs for OK Joe's and Room 39. Joe's was featured in Anthony Bourdain's 13 Places to Eat Before You Die. That's saying something. http://www.menshealth.com/bestfoods/f...

            Grinder's has been featured on DDD. I like the hot wings, Philly cheesesteak and pizza. They have an excellent selection of beer. www.grinderspizza.com

          2. Grinders West or just Grinders would be my suggestion. Both have excellent food. Grinders was featured on DDD. Also note that Succotash has moved locations. Their new location is beautiful located around 26th and Holmes.

            Funky new diner in P&L district Fran's is a fun place to visit! And of course, Blanc Burgers in Westport!!!!!!

            Red Velvet cupcakes, hands down, Baby Cakes in the River Market.

            1. They have red velvet cupcakes at Cafe Europa on 55th St. in Crestwood Shops (between Oak and Brookside Blvd.). All their baked goods are wonderful.......try the lemon cake or c upcake for a little dessert nirvana!

              1. I saw this rather late and was wondering if you had already been to Kansas City. Having lived there for many years, I will share some suggestions if you have yet to make the trip.

                On the other hand, if you have already been, please share where you went and what you had.


                1. Husband and I have an open evening tomorrow in KC. We are visiting from Brooklyn. Think we are going to take the advice from below and check out Room 39. That or Michael Smith's spot. Hmmm. So many choices!

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                    I know this won't help you at this point, but maybe others looking for a good restaurant in KC may be interested in learning more about 1924 Main. It's a great spot and much more affordable than when it first opened.

                    The entrees are substantial and hearty, but certainly not overwhelming. I ordered the smoked chicken leg, which is something one rarely finds on a menu–I’m a dark meat-eater and if I want to order chicken, I usually have to settle for white meat. This was served with cranberries and Brussel sprouts, and was a bit reminiscent of the Brussel sprouts appetizer at Pizza Bella, one of 1924’s sister restaurants. The glaze on the chicken was a tad too sweet, but I still loved it.

                    Other choices on the small menu include a blue cheeseburger, short ribs, sirloin, a pork shank and a fish of the day. Both the short ribs and pork shank were taken off the bone, which made the dish look more dainty and was much easier to devour.

                    At 2 courses for $20 or 3 for $25 (all dishes are also offered a la carte), it’s hard to beat the price for an upscale, quality experience. All restaurants are struggling to survive in the sluggish economy, and owner Rob Dalzell has responded by making dinner more affordable without taking away the glamour of dining out.