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Nov 22, 2009 06:51 PM

Twice Cooked Pork

Maybe it's the chilly evenings, but I've been craving twice cooked pork. Interested in options for both eat-in and delivery. Anyone have a place in the Allston area or within short T trip that makes a really good version?

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  1. You may see it listed as "double-cooked fresh bacon with spicy capsicum" or "twice-cooked pork belly" or something similar in more authentic places; it will feature pork belly as opposed to the loin used in more Westernized places, and be much hotter chili-wise. In town, two places I've had excellent versions of this dish are Sichuan Garden in Brookline Village and New Shanghai in Chinatown.

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    1. re: MC Slim JB

      Sichuan Garden's version of this is exquisite, and Brookline Village is easily reachable via the 66 bus.

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        Thanks. I've been meaning to head over to try the Brookline Sichuan Garden and you've just provided a good reason to do it. And thanks as well for the alternate names to look for MC Slim. I've had it with pork belly even though it didn't actually say so, and it definitely IS much better, with the peppers and richer belly playing off / counterbalancing each other in a way that the leaner, lighter loin can't manage.

    2. i really like the double cooked pork belly at new shanghai

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        Second (third) New Sanghai. If you can make it for lunch they offer it with hot & sour soup..ok but great if you add some vinegar and chile sauce and a spring roll. Great value.

        Brookline Village, Sichuan Garden is also great.

        I think you can flip a coin or just go whereevr is most convenient..

        If you want to branch out and after you've had the Chinese twice cooked pork, a few times for a Thai version of the dish, Montien has a dish called moo krob med prik thai on. Crispy pork sauteed with basil leaves and peppercorns. had it last night and it's fantastic..also do it with sliced pork; but as you noted, the leaner loin just isn't the same. Onn the Thai menu

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          Dok Bua's twice-cooked pork with chinese broccoli is really good, too.

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            Thanks. Didn't ask for chinatown because of issues getting to places there but I'll definitely keep New Shanghai in mind after all the recommendations. Had both Thai dishes already, which I like, although I'll still opt for S&I's pad ga pow moo krob, which I adore, over either. And which I have fairly regularly, which is why it's the Chinese I have the unsatisfied jones for. And thanks silver queen for the Jo Jo's addition to my list.

      2. In Allston, JoJo Tapei's version uses pork belly and is pretty good.